Doing This Could Have You Seeking A Pain Management Physician


2020 has thrown a wrench in our daily routines. You used to wake up every morning and go for a run at the gym. Your work environment allowed you to stay active throughout the day. Making the switch to working at home has its complications. Now you probably sit hunched over a home computer. Your gym is still closed, and your stress levels make it hard to stay motivated. Innovative Pain Solutions understands. This adjustment hasn’t been easy for any of us. New clients contact us daily, searching for an Orlando pain clinic. Our Doctor Philips location offers a unique approach to pain management. As a pain management physician, we specialize in helping you live a pain-free life. Any of these factors could be at fault if you’ve recently experienced onset pain. 

Determining The Root Of The Pain

  • You’re not taking good enough care of your body. Being overweight puts stress on parts of the body that are not supposed to support that much weight. Pain in your ankles, knees, and lower back can be a result of obesity. Youll be able to eliminate somebody’s discomfort with the right diet and exercise routine. Living a healthy and active lifestyle is the first step in the elimination of chronic pain.
  • You may not be exercising. Whether you are someone who used to work out regularly or have never indulged, a lack of physical activity in your life can result in several health complications. A prior injury may be keeping you from being active again. Unfortunately, the absence does more harm than good if you’re sitting at a desk all day; it’s vital to incorporate some type of regular exercise. Without consistent activity, muscle mass deteriorates over time, and gravity will cause bodyweight to distribute differently, causing pain in the lower back, joint, and hips.
  • The mattress you sleep on isn’t supportive. You’ll want to talk to your pain management physician to determine what bed is the best for your needs. If you have chronic back pain, you may need a more firm mattress. When the spine rests on a soft surface, your vertebrates can move and cause several areas of discomfort. If you naturally have round shoulders, your posture may be affected by your mattress as well. Harder beds can help improve and lengthen the spine.

The Orlando Pain Clinic For You

Innovative Pain Solutions provides patients with a team of doctors who specialize in pain management. You’ll love our customizable treatment plans to ease your body’s discomfort. Our diagnostic practices will provide you with answers. Our identification technology tests nerves and pain centers. 

A Pain Management Physician Who Cares 

Are you interested in working with us to treat your chronic pain? Visit or call us at our Doctor Philips location. If you believe a sudden lifestyle change brought on your chronic pain, our Orlando pain clinic has your back!  

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