Low Back Pain

Low back pain is a common musculoskeletal condition affecting the adult population.  It has a prevalence of up to 84%, and it becomes chronic when it is present for at least 12 weeks.

Some of the more common causes for lower back discomfort:

  1.  Discogenic pain or degenerative disc disease
  2.  Lumbar radicular pain or sciatica
  3.  Lumbar facet mediated pain
  4.  Sacral iliac joint mediated pain
  5.  Lumbar spinal stenosis.


If you are experiencing lower back discomfort, it is imperative that you contact a pain management doctor immediately. Living with daily discomfort is not something Dr. Kalia and his staff want their patients to deal with. Through the innovative procedures, latest technology, and expert level staff, Innovative Pain Solutions has the ability to treat your discomfort immediately.

From professional athletes to elderly patients experiencing lower back discomfort from wear and tear over the years, Dr. Rajan Kalia has the education and experience to help bring your spine back to health and improve your life. Every patient is different, and results can vary, but by working with a doctor who specializes in treatment for back ailments on a daily basis, it is clear to see why Dr. Kalia has risen to become the top person to go to when experiencing chronic discomfort.

If you are unsure about what lower back ailment you have please feel free to look through the links above and read more about the 5 most common types. As always, the only way to diagnosed correctly is to visit your top pain specialist in Orlando.

If you need to schedule an appointment, please call one of our conveniently located offices (Kissimmee, Dr. Phillips, & St. Cloud) by dialing 407-284-1993. If you are an Orlando resident, our Dr. Phillips office will be the nearest clinic for you. This office is located in 7350 Sand Lake Commons Blvd # 2225 Orlando, FL 32819.

We look forward to giving you a well-rounded treatment for your back discomfort that takes into account ALL of the available techniques and technology for back treatment.


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