Spinal Stenosis

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Spinal Stenosis


If you experience back problems that are taking away from your quality of life and you can no longer perform the activities you usually do, you must see a doctor right away. You may need spinal stenosis treatment. Do not let your issues progress because this could lead to more serious back problems down the road. One issue you may be experiencing if you have severe back problems is spinal stenosis. Our doctors at Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips can diagnose your condition and provide the right care in order to reduce your pain and allow you to lead a better quality of life.


What Is Spinal Stenosis?


When the spinal column narrows and starts compressing the spinal cord, spinal stenosis develops. If the narrowing is minimal, you may not even experience symptoms. The process of spinal stenosis comes about gradually. If there is too much narrowing, the nerves can become compressed and cause issues. Some symptoms you may feel include:


    • Leg or arm weakness


    • Numbness in your leg


  • Balance problems


These are just a few of the common symptoms that can occur. If you are concerned that you may have deeper back issues than you originally thought, consult our pain specialist at Innovative Pain Solutions. The most common cause of this condition is aging.


Is There Spinal Stenosis Treatment?


When you are looking for treatment options anytime you have pain, many doctors will try to prescribe medication before they implement a plan for surgery. The goal of any doctor is to be able to treat patients with the most minimally invasive treatment option. If medications are not working for you, our specialist may recommend surgery to relieve the pain right away.


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When you are struggling through the day with severe back pain, see our specialist at Innovative Pain Solutions right away. Do not let your pain decrease the quality of your life. We can help relieve your pain sooner than you may think. To find out more about spinal stenosis treatment at our location in Dr. Phillips, call us. We look forward to helping you heal.

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