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The Orlando pain solution combines cutting-edge technologies with a holistic approach to patient wellness, allowing individuals who are in pain to return to their favorite activities. The specialists at Orlando Pain Solution recognize that complete therapy is about more than simply relieving pain; it is also about assisting patients in regaining control of their lives. Whether a patient’s pain is the consequence of a severe accident or a long-term chronic disease, our professionals employ a multi-disciplinary strategy to provide a tailored plan to reduce pain and boost an improved quality of life.
Orlando pain solutions offer the most recent technical developments, including PRP therapy in Orlando to cure pain caused by bone, muscle, and nerve damage, as well as any other unpleasant ailment, including cancer-related pain, therefore increasing your quality of life. If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably heard about Platelet Rich Plasma therapy (PRP). Pro players in practically all sports leagues have resorted to PRP therapy to assist them in recovering faster from injuries that would have previously necessitated extensive physical therapy or surgeries.


What is PRP therapy in Orlando?


Platelets, also known as thrombocytes, are tiny cell fragments present in blood that are produced in the bone marrow. Their principal role is to induce clotting and halt wound bleeding.
These platelets also carry proteins known as human growth factors, which can aid in the repair of injuries. Platelet Rich Plasma is made by centrifugation separating platelets from the patient’s blood. Platelets are then inserted into the location of the wound, where they release a high concentration of growth factors to encourage tissue and bone repair. This can assist your body in healing in a natural yet improved manner. PRP therapy in Orlando is an extremely effective and less invasive technique.


How does PRP therapy help to relieve pain?


Platelet cells are the body’s primary reaction to soft tissue damage. Platelets, which are rich in development and healing factors, begin healing and invite the vital help of stem cells. The natural healing mechanism of PRP treatment amplifies the body’s efforts by giving a larger concentration of platelets. A small amount of blood is extracted (similar to a lab test sample) and deposited in a centrifuge, which rotates the blood at incredible velocities, isolating the platelets from the other elements to make PRP treatment. Depending on their intended purpose, these platelets have been purified and concentrated further.

The concentrated platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is then pumped into and around the site of damage, kicking off and considerably enhancing the body’s natural healing response. Because your plasma is used, there is no sign of contamination and only a very minimal chance of adverse response.

Unlike a usual injection for pain treatment, these shots do not relieve pain instantly. However, because the purpose of PRP therapy in Orlando is to cure you, the outcomes are generally long-lasting, often permanent. Within a few weeks, you should see some improvement, which will gradually increase as the healing process develops. PRP treatment in Orlando has been found in research studies and clinical experience to alleviate pain and restore patients to their regular lifestyles successfully.


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Orlando Pain Solution provides a team of doctors that are experts in orthopedics, sports medicine, pain management, and physical/hand therapy. Our staff is regionally acknowledged for their skilled care and consistently performs cutting-edge treatments, including surgical and nonsurgical techniques, to alleviate the problems of athletes and individuals of all categories. Whether you are a professional athlete or a recreational player, our experts can assist you in overcoming your most difficult orthopedic challenges. So contact us today and allow us to relieve you from your pain and help you get back to your normal life.

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