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Meet the Pain Management Doctor Orlando Trusts Chronic pain is a complex medical issue. While there are various clinics throughout Orlando and Leesburg that offer one-sided or partial solutions to this complex problem, it is important to tackle the issue from all sides. Simply doing only nerve blocks, only medication prescriptions, or physical medicine rehab only is not enough. This is where an appropriately trained pain management specialist who incorporates all these aspects in his practice comes in. Dr. Kalia specializes in minimally invasive treatments for a wide spectrum of pain conditions and offers solutions for pain management in Orlando, Leesburg, and other locations in Florida. He is double board certified in both Anesthesiology and pain management.

Comprehensive Solutions for Pain Management in Orlando and Leesburg, FL

Dr. Kalia, one of the best Orlando pain management doctors, follows evidence-based guidelines in order to treat a variety of chronic pain conditions, such as chronic spine pain. The pain that comes from the spine can often present complex diagnostic challenges. Dr. Kalia utilizes a combination of various modalities in order to find what works best for each individual patient’s unique needs, as this is the best approach when it comes to chronic pain management. When it specifically comes to diagnosing chronic spine pain, an interventional approach is very effective in formulating an appropriate chronic pain treatment plan.

As a highly-qualified pain management specialist in Orlando and Leesburg, Dr. Kalia knows that pain management especially is an area of medicine where the same, standard treatment algorithms that are applied piecemeal to the vast population of patients do not work well. Pain treatment is often unique to the patient in question, which means that treatment has to be carefully and individually tailored to the patient’s needs in order to return the individual back to the highest functional level possible. If you or your loved one is in chronic pain and are looking for an Orlando pain management specialist, book an appointment with Dr. Kalia at our Dr. Phillips Office for pain management solutions that Orlando residents trust.

Do you need trained pain management doctors in Orlando today? Schedule an appointment with Innovative Pain Solutions! While many clinics address chronic pain with partial solutions, we offer comprehensive, all-around treatment for pain management in Orlando and Leesburg. With this Orlando and Leesburg pain medicine specialist, you’ll enjoy pain management treatments that are individually tailored to your specific needs so that you can return to your highest functional level within a short time.

Our Pain Management Doctors in Orlando and Leesburg, FL

A skilled and knowledgeable pain management expert knows that addressing pain goes beyond performing nerve blocks, prescribing medications, or carrying out physical medicine rehabilitation.

At our Orlando and Leesburg pain management clinic – Innovative Pain Solutions, this is the knowledge we understand. We incorporate every aspect of pain management to offer the best results. We are trained and experienced in carrying out minimally invasive solutions for a wide array of pain problems. We implement evidence-based guidelines to address a series of chronic pain conditions. Our Leesburg and Orlando pain management treatments involve solutions for chronic spine pain and other pain conditions that could demand complex diagnostic issues. Also, by utilizing varying modalities, we successfully find what works best for each patient who needs chronic pain management.

When it comes to chronic pain, we use interventional methodologies that help us create the best chronic therapy alternatives. As pain medicine specialists, we believe that pain management must be personalized to each individual patient. We carefully assess your medical condition and provide you with a treatment plan that is unique to you. This treatment will surely speed up recovery and eliminate pain. Contact us to diagnose your pain from the top pain management specialist in Orlando.



 Platelet rich plasma therapy can provide a unique solution to pain for those who are unable to respond to any other types of therapy. PRP therapy is quickly becoming a preferred choice among patients who are looking for pain management solutions in Orlando and Leesburg. At Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando and Leesburg, our pain management doctors offer PRP therapy for those patients who are interested in an alternative to surgery and prescription pain medication. It’s important to be informed about how PRP therapy works and what it can do for certain conditions and then speak to a qualified physician here at Innovative Pain Solutions to learn whether it is right for your treatment.

Platelet rich plasma therapy is a type of therapy that utilizes the patient’s own blood in order to assist with the healing process of your body. This is performed by locating a donor site on your own body from where blood is drawn. This same blood is then placed in a centrifuge where the platelets are concentrated for insertion. Once this is done, the platelets are then placed at the damaged site where they use the body’s natural healing abilities to encourage cell turnover and rapid healing.

Platelet-rich plasma therapy is one of many innovative therapies that are rapidly expanding in popularity because the results of their success are proven over and over. Other types of therapies that have shown significant success that we utilize at Innovative Pain Solutions for pain management in Orlando and Leesburg are stem cell therapies and other types of regenerative medicines. This is an ever-growing field and will continue to show serious progress and more people utilize it as an alternative to traditional surgeries and medications.

If you prefer an alternative treatment to prescription pain pills and surgery, we offer the best PRP therapy at our Orlando and Leesburg pain management clinics. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy utilizes the patient’s blood to aid the healing process of the body. PRP therapy is one of the innovative therapies that are expanding rapidly due to its impressive success. If you speak with one of our pain management specialists in Orlando, you’ll get in-depth knowledge on how this procedure is done.

We use state-of-the-art technology and equipment to offer PRP Therapy. To learn if PRP therapy is the right solution to get rid of your consistent chronic pain, book an appointment with one of the best specialists for pain management in Orlando or Leesburg.


More than 40 years ago, researchers discovered that cells derived from bone marrow were able to transform into various tissues. These miraculous cells were termed, “stem cells.” Stem cells are responsible for everyday tissue remodeling and turnover in the body. There are several types of “adult stem cells,” and Mesenchymal Stem Cells (“MSCs”) are partially defined by their ability to differentiate into tissues such as bone, cartilage, and ligaments.

As people get older and go through natural aging processes, they start to produce less and less stem cells. When trauma or an injury happens, there simply just aren’t enough stem cells that are available to do the work. Another reason is that there are certain areas of injuries that do not have blood vessels close by or lack a sufficient scaffold to rebuild and remodel the area, such as the knee joint. Certain conditions such as those that deal with degenerated cartilage are unable to overcome the inflammation stage of healing.

In adults, stem cells can be found within a wide variety of tissues and organs, the most common sources being bone marrow or fat tissue. As of right now, the majority of adult stem cell procedures utilize bone marrow-derived stem cells. When MSCs are activated by responding to the microenvironment, they secrete proteins that work to lessen inflammation, prevent programmed cell death, prevent microbial and fungal infection, and generate new blood vessels.

So what are the results and healing time of stem cell therapy? Physicians have reported at emerging Regenerative Medicine conferences that a patient should feel relief from a knee injection within 3 weeks and for disc injection (spine), around 3 months. It’s important to keep in mind that this therapy is not supposed to work like a steroid injection, which usually acts extremely rapidly. Bone marrow concentrate stem cells require significant amounts of time to address the microenvironment that is causing the pain, and then figure out the best way to respond to it.

Another excellent ever-growing field that we specialize in is stem cell therapy. It is one of the options that our doctors offer for pain management in Orlando and Leesburg to patients who want a treatment that is void of surgery. Since stem cells are responsible for daily tissue remodeling or rebuilding in the body, they are an effective pain management therapy. When your body begins to produce fewer stem cells, there will be less ability of the body to overcome inflammation. Results have shown that after receiving a knee joint injection, a patient should start feeling relief within three weeks. Spine injections would take around three months. Note that this treatment doesn’t act rapidly; the basic idea is to address the cause of the pain directly.

Do you want to know if stem cell therapy is right for you? Schedule an appointment at our Orlando or Leesburg pain management clinic today.

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While adult stem cells have been used for decades to treat a variety of diseases, their application in the treatment of pain and arthritis disease is relatively new. Because of this, insurance companies do not currently cover the therapy.


The cost of a stem cell treatment varies based on the procedure performed. Our office staff can assist you with payment options and any other questions you may have.

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