Read About The New Medical Procedure Disc Fx

What is Disc Fx and what is it used for?

Does your back ache? Disc Fx is a brand-new medical procedure that has left plenty of patients with great results in relieving certain kinds of pain. This simple procedure consists of making a small incision in a spinal disc, and removing some of the nucleus material, relieving the pinched nerve. This helps Dr. Kalia to eliminate leg and lower back pain caused by the herniation in the patient’s discs.

What is a herniation and what are its symptoms?

A herniation, more commonly known as disc prolapse or a slipped disc, is a common back condition which, if left untreated, can leave the patient in a lot of pain, hindering them from performing even the most basic of tasks. This is because when you have a slipped disc, the nerve roots are essentially being pinched to the bone. This compressed nerve is very painful. So painful, in fact, that a herniated disc can prevent you from performing many everyday movements, such as walking. So how does Disc Fx help? We’ve laid out the exact procedure for you below.

What are the steps for Disc Fx?

Learn how just a small incision allows your doctor to relieve your pain with ease.

  1. Drapes are placed over the patient, except for the incision zone.
  2. The patient is then sedated before the start of the procedure.
  3. Orientation markings are drawn on the patient’s skin, so that the doctor knows just where to make the incision.
  4. Next, Dr. Kalia proceeds to make an incision in the disc with a needle placed under fluoroscopic guidance.
  5. This allows the doctor to use a variety of treatment techniques that are available. These are: Trigger-Flex Bipolar system to help decompress the pain receptors in the annulus wall, as well as forceps that remove certain parts of the nucleus’ material to decompress the pinched nerve root.
  6. Then, the incision is closed with a suture and covered up with a band-aid.

Back problems can be not only painful but also dangerous. If you’ve been experiencing back problems, don’t assume that it will simply pass on its own. Get professional help. Give us a call and see if this new, advanced back procedure is right for you. We want to ensure that your back problems and pain are gone.

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