Read About The New Medical Procedure Disc Fx

What is Disc Fx and what is it used for?

Disc Fx is a brand new medical procedure that has been leaving patients with great results. It consists of making a small incision in a disc which helps Dr. Kalia to eliminate leg and low back pain caused by herniation in the patient’s discs.

What is a herniation and what are it’s symptoms?

A herniation, also known as disc prolapse or slipped disc, is a common back condition which can turn out to be very painful due to the nerve roots being pinched to the bone. A herniation can prevent you from performing everyday movements, or even walking correctly due to the pain and irritation of the herniated discs.

What are the steps for Disc Fx?

  1. Drapes are placed over the incision zone
  2. The patient is sedated
  3. Orientation markings are drawn on the patient’s skin, in order for the doctor to know where to make the incision
  4. Dr. Kalia proceeds to make an incision in the disc with a needle placed under fluoroscopic guidance
  5. Afterward, the doctor can use a variety of techniques that are available.These are: Trigger-flex Bipolar system to help decompress the pain receptors in the annulus wallForceps that remove certain parts of the nucleus’ material to decompress the pinched nerve root.
  6. Then, the incision is closed with a suture and covered up with a band-aid

Indeed, back problems can be not only painful but also dangerous. If you have been experiencing back problems and do not wish to be in pain anymore, come and try this new back procedure. We want to ensure that your back problems and pain are gone.

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