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What Is A Herniated Disc?

A spinal disc acts as a “cushion” between the vertebrae bones which run along the spine. This cushion helps to absorb the impact that the spinal column receives from daily activities, so that the vertebrae do not grind against each other with every move you make. In the center of the disc is a soft substance called the nucleus pulposus. When this nucleus is ruptured, and expands out of the disc, causing irritation, that is when a herniated disc occurs.

A herniated disc, also known as a slipped disk, is most often found in the lower back between the 4th and 5th lower lumbar vertebrae. If the herniation is large enough, the disc tissue can often begin to aggravate the surrounding nerves by putting pressure on it due to the inflammation that results.

If you are suffering from pain and are unsure of the cause, you may have a herniated disc. If this is the case, this is not something to put off. Please visit our symptoms page to read about the classic signs of this problem, and then call our doctor right away to schedule your appointment. Only a pain specialist can help you accurately diagnose the cause of your pain.

Why Are Discs so Important?

The discs in our spine are important because they act as the bone building blocks of our back. They are the support structure and also protect the all-important spinal cord from injury. The spinal cord is the nervous tissue that runs down the spinal column from the brain sending signals for movement and so much more to the body. Without healthy discs, we would not have range of motion that allows us to complete so many types of everyday tasks with ease, from walking to standing up to bending down.


Is There Such a Thing as Herniated Disc Treatment?

Yes! In fact, there are a variety of treatments that Dr. Rajan Kalia uses for his patients. Once you begin discussing treatment, Dr. Kalia will go over these different plans of action and take the best route that relieves your pain while allowing you to get back to your life in no time. This is done to ensure that every possible measure is taken before the option of surgery is discussed, as this is the most severe form of treatment, requiring a longer recovery time afterward. Surgery is always utilized as a last resort at Innovative Pain Solutions. Many of our patients often see great results through treatment.

Some of the herniated disc services we offer are:

  • physical therapy to help relieve some of the pressure between vertebrae
  • muscle-relaxant medications
  • pain medication
  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • epidural injections
  • surgery


Schedule an Appointment

Scheduling an appointment at our Orlando Pain Clinic is easy! If you seek herniated disc treatment that will deliver results, please use the form below or call Innovative Pain Solutions to speak with Dr. Kalia. We offer the latest techniques and methods to our patients and utilize state of the art equipment to ensure proper care.

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