A Pain Clinic Describes Why You Feel Pain Internally

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Sometimes you have that funny experience where you see something happen and know it is going to hurt before you feel it, like when you get a paper cut. The pain is not always immediate, but shortly after, your finger starts to throb and potentially bleeds. Pain comes from our nerves that signal our brain — wouldn’t it be great if we could think our way out of pain? There is probably an answer to that somewhere. 


Innovative Pain Solutions is a pain clinic that has treatments to improve and alleviate aches and ailments because we know their cause. Here is just a little about how pain is felt in our human bodies.


How a Pain Clinic Defines Pain

The simplest way to describe pain is it is our body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. Perhaps it has been damaged somehow, or something is out of balance inside you.

Pain begins with a stimulus of some sort. Something substantial falls on our foot, or we accidentally brush up to an open flame. 


The Central Nervous System and Pain

If you think back to those charts in primary school science class, you may remember that the nervous system consists primarily of our brain and our spinal cord, which then grows outward into our organs and appendages. These are like news hubs set up all over your body, waiting to report any activity to your brain. By activity, we mean sensations or movements. This reporting system happens for stimuli outside of the body, but also inside. Therefore you can experience both internal and external pain.

External pain can be easier to deal with because you can treat it yourself. For chronic internal pain such as with joints, you will need help. You might need to seek out what stem cell therapy Orlando can provide.


How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is any pain that is consistently felt for over three months. This pain can be orthopedic or neuropathic. Common chronic pain conditions include arthritis, shingles, and carpal tunnel syndrome.


You may have heard that seeking out a stem cell therapy Orlando location can help your chronic pain, and here is why:


Stem cells can be removed from a fatty place in your body and reinjected into the area that is the source of your chronic pain. Once there, they will mimic the properties of the surrounding healthy cells and heal the damaged tissue that is causing pain. They will begin to reproduce and replicate healthy cells to heal damaged tissue. If your pain is neuropathic, stem cells will target and replace the damaged cells and tissue and replace them with healthy ones. For orthopedic conditions, the pain often comes from swelling and inflammation. Stem cells can replace what has been lost and damaged, and communicate with your brain that it no longer needs the inflammation! The rapidly replicating stem cells have everything under control now.


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We know many people are in unnecessary pain that could be relieved if they searched what stem cell therapy Orlando has. At Innovative Pain Solutions, we will discuss your chronic pain and see which form of therapy is right. Make an appointment today with our pain clinic, and let us help regenerate you back to health. 


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