What to do if I can’t get rid of chronic neck pain?

chronic neck pain

Neck pain is a common issue, especially among people who have desktop jobs. However, neck pain can occur in anyone as it is caused due to the strain exerted by poor posture. Besides, osteoarthritis or injuries may also be the reasons behind long-term neck pain.

Neck pain is rarely a symptom of a serious underlying problem. But if your neck pain is accompanied by numbness or loss of strength in your arms/hands or if you have shooting pain that runs down your shoulder or arm, then you must seek medical care.

If you don’t have a serious underlying problem, you will see improvement in your neck once you start getting the right treatment. However, in some cases, people experience persistent pain in the neck area that doesn’t respond to any treatment they receive.

If you are also experiencing neck pain for a long time and are not getting any relief from traditional treatments, then it indicates you need to see a pain specialist – a doctor who is specialized in pain management.

Sometimes, one-sided or partial solutions are not enough to get rid of chronic pain. At Innovative Pain Solutions, we create a customized pain management treatment solution based on the exact site of pain.

PRP Therapy for Neck Pain

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is emerging as a viable and effective treatment for chronic neck pain. Your blood naturally contains platelets that are responsible for clotting. However, only a few know that platelets are also packed with very strong growth factors that help combat inflammation and promote the natural healing of any tissue in the body. In other words, platelets are a natural anti-inflammatory remedy for chronic pain in the body.

Thus, PRP is made by concentrating platelets that are taken from the patient’s own blood to stimulate a natural anti-inflammatory response in the affected area. This therapy can be injected into any tissue where the injury is sustained or where chronic pain is being experienced by the patient.

A growing number of authentic research studies have found PRP therapy an effective and viable treatment for chronic pain. It is proven that PRP is more effective than steroid injections, hyaluronic acid, and other similar treatments. However, its effectiveness depends upon the correct diagnosis and precise injection.

Dr. Kalia is double-board certified in both anesthesiology and pain management. He utilizes a combination of various modalities in order to find what works best for an individual when it comes to chronic pain management.

In addition to PRP therapy, Innovative Pain Solutions also offers stem cell therapy, sympathetic block, and other pain management solutions.

If you are experiencing neck pain that is not responding to all other treatments recommended by your doctor, please schedule an appointment at Innovative Pain Solutions today.

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