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Many people say that parenting is the toughest job in the world. From the second that they come into the world, children place incredible demands on a parent’s time, resources, and patience, and often with very little obvious gratitude. A mother with chronic pain faces exponentially more challenges due to their pain. Not only do they need to keep up with kids, perform household chores, volunteer at school, and run errands, more and more stay-at-home mothers are choosing to work from home in order to supplement the family income. A lot of mothers who work out of the home struggle with their own constant demands and schedules. For mothers who don’t have pain, the laundry list of what needs to be done is exhausting enough already. Read on to learn more about some tips on how to manage chronic pain as a mother throughout your daily life. Innovative Pain Solutions provides solutions for chronic pain management in Orlando. Call Innovative Pain Solutions today for pain management Dr. Phillips trusts!


Managing Chronic Pain As A Mother


Growing up with a parent in pain doesn’t have to mean that the children will suffer. While there are many challenges, children can learn to persevere through adversity and be compassionate when somebody is suffering. If you suffer from chronic pain as a parent, here are some ways you can help your kids understand while taking care of yourself:

  • Your routine can be part of the household routine- If there are things that you know you have to do in order to make it through the day, then make them the rule, not the exception. Basically, put your own mask on first. Children, especially young children, require a routine, and if your self-care is integrated into that then it may be a lot easier for you. Rather than trying to force yourself into a child’s routine, you can help them fit into yours. If you perform stretches and wake up slowly in the morning, then look for toys or books that may help to occupy your child. As your children grow up, have them stretch with you, and turn it into a game, wiggling fingers and toes. Let your child help you with your routine on the days it hurts to blink, as kids often love to play adult.


Chronic Pain Management For Mothers

  • Talk to your kids- Depending on the age of the child the details you share may vary, but it is key to let your child know you want more than anything to be able to run, jump, play, and hug them. Children may feel like they are the cause when chronic pain is hidden and seen as something to be ashamed of.
  • Do the best you can, and recognize that “best” depends on the day- Innovative Pain Solutions, who provides pain management Dr. Phillips trusts, knows that some days will be better than others. On days that are harder, go to the park and have a picnic, or go feed the ducks. Have a movie night, or reading time. Call a friend over to help. Be kind to yourself no matter what and remember that you are doing the best you can with what you feel that day.


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Chronic pain management is very challenging as a mother. Call Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando for pain management Dr. Phillips trusts.


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