PRP Injections May Be The Solution To Your Back Pain

PRP Injections at orlando

Do you practice sports without doing any stretching or warming up before and after the demanding physical activity? Do you also spend an awful amount of time sitting in an uncomfortable and non-ergonomic chair? Then, the chances suggest that you’re already suffering from back pain issues and are actively looking for pain management solutions to improve your condition. In Orlando, Innovative Pain Solutions is pioneering a back pain treatment based in platelet-rich plasma, known as PRP injections. Principled in regenerative medicine, this new approach is conceived to manage the stiffening and often paralyzing pain, bringing relief and joy to the patient. Learn about the PRP Orlando therapy athletes are relying on to overcome sports injuries.  


Why Is Chronic Back Pain Risky?

When overlooked, back pain is a muscular condition that could quickly transcend from acute to chronic. The risky condition can appear by several causes, such as: 

  • Injuries. 
  • Sprains. 
  • Congenital irregularities. 
  • Nerve and spinal cord problems.
  • Non-spinal related issues like kidney stones or fibromyalgia. 


Back pain hits more severely at an advanced age and is more prone to occur when carrying overweight -overweight adds extra pressure that compresses discs, ligaments, and nerves.


What makes back pain a physical area of concern is the sharp achiness it inflicts to daily life. It starts by neglecting those in pain from having the mobility to pursue enjoyable routinary tasks and doing regular activities like going to work. 


The apprehensive pain also affects the self-esteem and cognitive state of the person, clouding thoughts with negative emotions generated by the sense of incapability. 


Recently, medicinal scientists made significant progress to target pain management from lower back and other locations using platelet-rich plasma injections.  


How Do PRP Injections Improve Your Mobility?

The PRP Orlando treatment is a therapy applied at the Innovative Pain Solutions clinic. It’s used to manage the soreness, achiness, and suffering attributed to lower back pain and injured tendons, joints, ligaments, and muscles to improve the person’s mobility. The treatment is administered via PRP injection.


The injections of PRP are made from blood samples provided by the patient. The blood is processed in specialized centrifuge equipment that concentrates the platelets. The protein-rich liquid is injected in the affected area to stimulate the cellular growth of the injured muscle, ligament, or tendon.  


Although the process is painful, the results are noticeable. Depending on the case, the therapy could last between 4 to 6 months, and last a few months after the final session concluded.


Before starting the PRP therapy, expect the pain specialist to run tests to assess the overall condition of the patient and pronounce a precise diagnosis of the problems affecting the muscular health and mobility of the patient. 


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