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Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP Therapy) is becoming a giant solution for Rotator Cuff Disease. This is one disease that has affected millions, and have left many incapacitated. The development of this therapy promises to improve the health and living conditions of those who are suffering from Rotator Cuff Disease. 


Innovation Pain Solutions is an established health industry that is ready to help you improve your health through Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy. We are PRP Orlando experts who seek to improve your well being at all times. How effective is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy? Let’s find out! 


Who needs PRP therapy? 

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is designed for those who are battling bilateral shoulder pain. In most cases, such individuals are supported with a wheelchair for engaging in the little activities they can carry out. The chronic pain they experience makes moving and walking impossible. Hence, they are often restricted to using wheelchairs for movement. 


The pain experienced is birthed by Rotator Cuff Disease. PRP therapy was initially tested on those who have undergone alternative treatments that fail to eliminate the pain, at least after six months of using such treatments. 


The good news is, anyone suffering from this condition can explore this treatment option. The therapy has been carefully designed to help address both the cause and effects of rotator cuff disease. 


Benefits of the Platelet Rich Plasma therapy 

Many often argue that there are tons of treatment options available. While this is true, most of the available options involve surgical procedures. 

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, on the other hand, is a non-surgical procedure. It is taken as an injection, which is more effective than other surgical procedures. Patients are not subjected to surgical pains, as this therapy requires the use of an injection. 


Applications and effectiveness of the therapy 

The therapy is administered through an ultrasound-guided PRP injection. The injection is made to target the supraspinatus tendon present in the shoulder where the pain is experienced. 


After the injection, the patient is expected to take a compulsory rest of a full day. Subsequently, they are carefully monitored as they undergo light, yet detailed strengthening and stretching exercises. After 28 days of taking the injection, patients are expected to undergo another detailed examination. This evaluation procedure is progressive and lasts for around 24 weeks. 


During this period, Progress is monitored and assessed regularly. Some of the measurable outcomes that are considered after each evaluation may include a numeric rating scale, shoulder pain index of a wheelchair user, ultrasound imaging, etc. This evaluation makes it easier to identify the effects of the pain and obvious improvement in the overall health condition. 


A patient that carefully follows the procedure and takes advice from expert PRP Orlando, can experience significant improvement. This will include pain reduction, and improve strength for the affected shoulder. 


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