How Stem Cell Injections Are Being Used For Osteoarthritis


If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from osteoarthritis (OA), you’re not alone; OA is one of the most common chronic conditions affecting adults today. Innovative Pain Solutions can help you reverse the degenerative effects of OA with a stem cell injection. Keep reading to learn more about this groundbreaking procedure and how it can bring you relief from the inflammation in your joints.


Stem Cell Injection Treats The Source Of Your OA

The cause of your Osteoarthritis (OA) is a breakdown, or degeneration, of cartilage in your joints. This cartilage serves a vital role as a cushion for your bones and muscles, absorbing impact and smoothing motion. When this cushion deteriorates, you feel stiff, swollen, and usually pain around the area. Although research has been unable to pinpoint an exact cause of OA, many common factors such as obesity, age, genetics, and prior injury can exacerbate the condition. While weight loss, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs can certainly reduce the severity of your OA, you will only be treating your symptoms. The effects of your OA – the breakdown of cartilage – will remain after these methods. With stem cell therapy, Orlando patients can experience much-awaited relief that outlasts other therapies.  


We Use Your Own Stem Cells

Patients may initially feel uncomfortable with stem cell therapy if they think that the stem cells are randomly harvested elsewhere. Instead, proper stem cell therapy uses tissue from bone marrow and fat cells from the very patient undergoing the procedure. These cells, called “adult stem cells,” appear throughout your body, serving to maintain your tissue health and rebuild damaged areas. Due to their ubiquity and healing properties, stem cells make excellent candidates for regenerative medicine techniques such as OA injections. Your physician will be able to isolate the cells relatively quickly in a 30-90 minute clinical session while you are under local anesthesia. These cells will then be injected into your OA site, wherein they will boost the existing cells into regenerating what has deteriorated. This treatment does not merely serve as momentary relief; joint pain and function have improved after stem cell therapy, Orlando patients are happy to report. 


Stem Cells Are Your Best Weapons Against Degenerative OA

Stem cell therapy is safe, non-invasive, and overwhelmingly successful in its clinical trials. Patients report a vastly improved quality of life following their injection, with significant strides in their joint health and pain management. This therapy can be done as an outpatient procedure, resulting in quick relief to your pain and improvement to your mobility. Injections of the knee typically produce results within three weeks of the procedure, while injections in the spine may take up to three months. While this may feel like a long time, remember that the treatment serves to reverse the damage, not merely anesthetize it. Generally in medicine, long-lasting results take the body longer to implement, but the far-reaching consequences make the wait worthwhile.


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If you’re ready to combat osteoarthritis degeneration and give your cells a boost, ask your doctor about the stem cell therapy Orlando, Innovative Pain Solutions provides. Our stem cell injection is one of your best weapons against cartilage deterioration. Contact us today to get started on this essential procedure. 

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