Who Is The Ideal Candidate for a Disc-FX Procedure?

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As the most prevalent reason for people under 45 to visit their physician, odds are you’ve known or heard of someone with a contained disc herniation. This has probably led to many doctor appointments and possibly painful surgery causing weeks or months of recovery afterward. Luckily, Disc-FX takes a fraction of the time to recover from. It’s a much quicker procedure with much less risk. All it takes is a search for pain management Orlando for you to understand more about the causes of a herniated disc and your options for treatment. There are also other benefits to the procedure, such as quick relief of symptoms, multiple discs can be treated, an earlier return to normal activities, and if necessary you will still have those other surgery options available should you need them. This procedure has been a groundbreaking advancement when it comes to treating disc herniation which causes excruciating back pain and often requires highly invasive surgery and a long time to recover from. This can make a huge difference in your life or the life of someone who is forced to live every day with debilitating pain caused by disc herniation. Talk to Dr. Phillips of Innovative Pain Solutions about possible options when it comes to treating disc herniation.

What Causes Disc Herniation?

To understand disc herniation treatments, it’s helpful to understand what a herniated disc is. A disc is a soft section of tissue between two vertebrae of your spine which allow your spine to be flexible and keep your vertebrae from rubbing against each other and damaging themselves. Over time, however, if the tough outer portion of the disc, called the “annulus,” breaks down from an injury or wear and tear through the years it can cause the nucleus to either bulge or leak. The “nucleus” is the inner portion of the disc that is gel-like. Once the annulus has worn down and the nucleus bulges or leaks, it is considered a herniated disc. A herniated disc causes severe pain by pressing on nerves, and it can also cause numbness, tingling, or weakness in the back or legs. Herniated discs are not fun and should be addressed immediately with your doctor and search pain management Orlando for you and your doctor to work together to find the best treatment possible for you.

What is Disc-FX?

Simply put, it is a treatment which has the lowest risks and shortest recovery when it comes to herniated disc treatment. Before the producer, you will be subject to a physical first to assess any risks. Then, you will be given a series of tests to locate the herniated disc. This may include, an MRI, steroids, or discography. During the procedure, you will be given minimal anesthesia, and a needle will be inserted into the skin near the disc and an incision where a tube will be placed to allow graspers to remove and decompress the herniation. Then, the disc is cleaned, and a small bandage is placed over the incision. After this one to two-hour procedure, it will take only a few days to a couple weeks to recover.


Ask your doctor and research pain management Orlando to find out if Disc-FX is your best option to relieve your herniated disc. Don’t spend months recovering if you can spend days recovering instead. Contact us now!

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