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There are 50 million or so Americans that live with daily chronic pain. For them, a full and active life often seems impossible. Regardless of the pain, it is not a time for them to give up the fight. If their pain treatment has not worked as planned, a different clinic or treatment may be the answer.


What a Dr. Phillips Pain Clinic Offers


A pain clinic is a facility that offers diagnosis and management of chronic pain. Our Dr. Phillips Pain Clinic called Innovative Pain Solutions offers such a venue and provides innovative pain solutions for suffering individuals. Chronic pain can result from an injury, back sprain, illness, surgery, or some other cause. It often limits a person’s movements which tend to reduce flexibility and strength.


While clinics may vary in specific services and offerings, they usually provide a team of health care practitioners who can deliver a number of strategies to help patients manage chronic symptoms. Doctors, psychologists, nurses, physical therapists, massage therapists, and others may be part of the supporting health care team.


Clinical treatments Our Pain Clinic May Include the Following:


  • Doctor’s may recommend acetaminophens, like Tylenol. Sometimes the doctor combines these with other drugs to combat pain relief.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, like ibuprofen or naproxen, are over-the-counter medications the doctor may prescribe. They can treat both inflammation and pain.
  • Corticosteroids are available only with a prescription to treat severe inflammatory conditions.
  • Opioid pain medications are morphine-like and are often prescribed for cancer and short-term acute pain. They can also be prescribed for non-cancer like pain.
  • Opioid pain medications are morphine-like and are often prescribed for cancer and short-term acute pain. They can also be prescribed for non-cancer like pain.
  • Patients take antidepressants to help fight depression. These drugs, as well, can also relieve certain types of pain and discomfort.


Whatever the medication, patients should only take the dosage prescribed by their doctor. The reason being is they can become addicted to the painkiller itself. When that happens, a patient may have to submit to a rehab scenario that offers detox and counseling as part of the healing process.


Individualized Treatment Plans


The pain clinic tailors a treatment plan for each patient. Everyone has unique pain levels, needs, and personal objectives. Treatments may involve a single approach, a combination of approaches, or different types of therapy and counseling. No two rehabs should offer cookie-cutter solutions.


Treatment Duration


The duration of innovative pain solutions will, of course, vary by patient. The typical treatment period is between three and six months. The doctor may require that a patient spends a certain amount of time each week at the pain clinic for support and medications.

Contact Innovative Pain Solutions

Our Dr. Phillips Pain Clinic provides the treatment and care that patients need to manage their painful symptoms. The clinic makes an assessment of each patient’s mental and physical state to determine the best innovation pain solutions. Our clinic also accepts most insurance plans. Relief and clinical support can start by making the commitment to learn more about the services, therapies, and counseling our pain clinic offers.

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