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A herniated disc is often referred to as a ruptured or a slipped disc and can be extremely painful. This occurs in your spine and usually causes a pinched nerve. The most common symptoms are numbness or pain in your leg, lower back, arm or neck. Innovative Pain Solutions are experts in pain management and can diagnose and treat the pain caused from your herniated disc. Innovative procedures are used for pain management Dr. Phillips clients and all clients at our offices, to relieve your pain and get you back on your feet.

Our Pain Management Dr. Phillips Office Treats Herniated Discs

Your discs are soft and rubbery. An outer ring of cartilage and vertebrae combined with a substance very much like a gel form your spinal column. Your discs are what give you the ability to bend and absorb shocks. Your nerves and spinal cord are surrounded and protected by your spinal column. When your cartilage tears it can cause your nucleus to break through. This will place pressure on your nerves and even the smallest amount of pressure can cause weakness, numbness, and pain.

When you have a herniated disc in your lower spine there is often pressure placed on your sciatic nerve. When this nerve is pinched pain radiates from your buttocks and down your leg. Sometimes this pain extends all the way to your foot. Alleviating this severe pain is what pain management Dr. Phillips specializes in.

Ways To Relieve Symptoms

In some cases a planned exercise program combined with pain management can relieve your symptoms inside of a few weeks. When your pain is mild or moderate over the counter medications can help. If these medications fail to relieve your pain Innovative Pain Solutions may need to prescribe narcotics. Unfortunately, narcotics may have side effects.

Anticonvulsants are a drug whose original purpose was the control of seizures. They have also been shown to be effective in the treatment of herniated discs. Since muscle spasms are fairly common with herniated discs muscle relaxers may also be prescribed. In the case of excessive inflammation, cortisone injections are used to help reduce your swelling. Pain management Dr. Phillips may also use Physical therapy. By teaching you the correct exercise and positions it can help in the reduction of your pain.

A small percentage of individuals suffering from a herniated disc do require surgery. If you are not seeing relief in your symptoms within six weeks surgery may be required. Usually, the portion of your disc that is protruding is removed. In rare cases the entire disc may need to be removed. When this happens your vertebrae are fused together to provide the stability your spine needs.

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Herniated discs can be treated with alternative medicine to help with the pain. This includes Chiropractors, acupuncture, massage and yoga. Herniated discs can be incredibly painful and it is difficult to find a comfortable position. Your doctor can relieve your pain and give your body a chance to heal. A pain management specialist is an expert in relieving pain. Athletes especially can be affected by herniated discs due to the stress they place on their bodies. Innovative Pain Solutions can help you with your pain. Contact them today!

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