10 Conditions that Affect the Joints

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Are you in pain from areas of your body where you seemingly may have a joint problem? Have you been having trouble with your knees, hips, elbows, or major joint areas whether it’s from walking, working too much, or a sickness and you want arthritis pain relief? Joint pain is usually caused by injury but there are many other types of conditions. Below we at Innovative Pain Solutions have compiled 10 conditions that affect the joints as well as giving ways for relief and pain management solutions here in Orlando.

Pain Management Strategies

One of the best ways to manage pain is to do physical therapy. There are many great physical therapists right here at Innovative solutions. Having good posture such as keeping your back straight, maintaining a healthier diet, and not overworking your body can definitely reduce pain. Reducing pain also help reduce stress.

Solutions for Arthritis Pain Relief

There are a variety of different ways to relieve pain from arthritis. Sometimes, your pain can be relieved from anti-inflammatory medicines such as Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Relief can come from something more simple such as by using ice and heat packs. Now let’s take a look at our conditions that affect the joints.

Our List

  • Rheumatoid arthritis – You can receive Rheumatoid arthritis through an autoimmune inflammatory disease. Autoimmune is when something foreign enters your body and eats away at your healthy tissue and over a period of time, usually years, it destroys that tissue. Rheumatoid arthritis creates joint pain in fingers and thumbs, knees and elbows, feet and ankles as well as shoulders and wrists. Any of the listed solutions above may be able to help relieve pain from rheumatoid arthritis.


  • Osteoarthritis – People with osteoarthritis have developed it from over emphasizing what your body should do. For example, running on pavement can cause damage to the knee and this damage can become very painful because of too much running on pavement. This disease is common with sports injury. Muscle relaxers, ointments, physical therapy, and anti-inflammatory drugs may give you relief. Common joint pain can often be found in lower back and hips, especially if you are overweight. The neck, knees, and hands are common pain areas also.


  • Bursitis – There is a part of your body called Bursa. The location of your Bursa is between bone and muscle tissue. It is kind of like a bag abundant with lubricating fluid. This fluid helps your tissues decrease rubbing, friction, and irritation. When your Bursa becomes inflamed, the decreasing of friction minimizes and you have Bursitis. A simple daily exercise routine such a walking for 30 minutes per day will help relieve the pain.


  • Gout – Gout often happens in your big toe. It inflames the toe from too much uric acid in your blood. This often happens with people who have diabetes. The best way to relieve arthritis in gout is to use an anti-inflammatory medication, but this can cause harm if you have or had some type of liver disease, in which case call your doctor immediately.


  • Osteoporosis – Osteoporosis simply makes your bones become weak. People with this bone disease are very fragile as it makes your bones easier to fracture, especially if you fall or get in some type of an accident. Calcium pills, which you can get over the counter are a common pain relief. One of the most common prescriptions for Osteoporosis is Fasomax.


  • Psoriatic Arthritis – Psoriasis is when you have dry and red skin and often see white flakes, especially on the scalp. When people begin to swell up from the redness, they may obtain Psoriatic Arthritis. The best possible relief here may be an anti-inflammatory stimulant, but without steroid.


  • Fibromyalgia – If you constantly complain about joint pain throughout your entire body, you may have a chronic disease called Fibromyalgia. Medications such as pain relievers or antidepressants will relieve your pain as well as good pain management techniques, but these techniques must be on a daily schedule to minimize your pain.


  • Lupus – If you see inflammation popping up throughout many areas of your body, Lupus is a possible suspect. Your best chance of relief with Lupus is doing whatever you can to reduce stress and forcing yourself to have a more healthy lifestyle.


  • Tendinitis – When your elbows, knees, wrists, heels or shoulders become very sore, inflamed, or irritated you probably have tendonitis. Tennis elbow is a common disease associated with tendonitis. One of the best ways to relieve tendonitis is to cover one of these joints with an ice pack.


  •  Back pain – Being a couch potato, overweight, posture, sports, and getting older are all associated with back pain, which too many of us know all too well. All aforementioned reliefs are possible with back pain. Just ask your doctor which is best for you.

Arthritis pain relief and pain management come in many forms. Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando can help. If you have any types of joint pain call our office in Orlando at 407-284-1993 or email us at pain-solutions@hotmail.com.

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