What can you do Treat Your Herniated Disc?

There are a variety of methods you can rely on, to treat your herniated disc. However, before we discuss treatments for herniated discs, let’s understand what exactly herniated disc means.

Your spinal cord is enclosed within the spinal canal, this is where your spinal nerves originate from. The herniated disc is the result of outward pushed nuclei cushioning of the disc against the spinal nerve roots which is painful for the individual.

The lumbar region in the lower back is most vulnerable to a herniated disc. However, any spinal column present between adjacent vertebrae can suffer from a herniated disc.

There could be several symptoms of a herniated disc which include aches in the back, arms, and legs. Weak muscles, numbness, or tingling in the region where afflicted nerves are present are also symptoms of a herniated disc. However, a herniated disc does not always have any symptoms, there could be some rare cases when there would be absolutely no visible symptom of a herniated disc.

As a person suffering from a herniated disc, you might be looking for methods to treat the problems and finding solutions that can alleviate your discomfort. The following are some tips that you can use to treat a herniated disc:


There are surgeries like Disc Fx that are minimally invasive in nature and can treat your herniated disc. If you feel that no other method can work effectively in treating your pain then you must choose surgery and find relief.

Look for a pain management therapist

One of the best things you can do for treating your pain is to see a therapist assist you in pain management. There are experts out there who can detect the root cause of your pain due to herniated disc and treat it. You must remember that all pains are different from each other and they must be treated differently for relief. Experts can use different methods based on your need to treat your pain and promise effective results. For instance, lumber epidural steroid injection is one of the most popular solutions for pain caused by lumbar herniated disk.

Careful movements

If your disc is herniated then you would need to make some careful moves to ensure that your body does not get stiff over time and remains mobile enough. Your movements must be carefully made as wrong movements can further worsen your condition and add to your pain. Gently moving your body without putting exerting extra pressure on your backbone is ideal. Bending frequently and stretching are not suggested with a herniated disc.

Regular exercise 

While herniated disc can be extremely painful and movement might seem almost impossible to you, it is important to do exercise regularly. Exercise is vital not only for your physical but mental health as well. Yoga, walking, swimming, neck stretches, and cycling are some of the suggested exercises for a herniated disc problem.

Learning more about the herniated disc problem and its treatment method can help in the alleviation of your pain more effectively. Rely on the best therapists for assistance in your herniated disc treatment and live a healthier life.

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