How Weight Loss Can Help With Pain Management


When it comes to pain relief strategies, most physicians usually overlook weight management. Why? Most doctors aren’t comfortable talking about weight in the examination room, especially when it comes to pain management. Additionally, body weight is a sensitive subject, and for fear of hurting a patient’s feelings or being labeled as insensitive, they steer clear of it. 


While it is true that weight management won’t offer immediate relief, studies show that there is a strong relationship between pain and carrying extra pounds. It also further demonstrates that modest weight loss can be beneficial in alleviating pain. At Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips, we care about our patient’s feelings. But realizing how vital this conversation is, we often get the ball rolling after establishing trust.

How Weight Loss Can Help With Pain Management

Extra body weight increases the mechanical forces of the body. These include the body’s frame like the spine, supporting muscle groups, and hip and knee joints, leading to more wear and tear. For patients living with arthritis, the more weight they shed, the lesser the pain, and the better they can enjoy daily activities.

Additionally, when there is excess weight in the abdominal areas, there might be an increase in levels of inflammation in parts of the body, like aching joints. Some patients with conditions like muscle disorders, fibromyalgia, and migraines have experienced reductions in pain after shedding some weight. 

It has also been shown that being overweight can lead to the development of chronic pain after a motor accident or sustaining an injury. A survey involving 800 women revealed that losing 11 pounds of weight can reduce the risk of developing arthritis.

What Can Help With Weight Loss

Always Visualize Success- Visualization is recognized as a tool for attaining success. So, instead of thinking about how long it will take to lose weight on the scale, learn to visualize how you desire to see your body in the future.

Exercise- This might be daunting for pain patients, but it is not beyond their reach. Enlist the help of a movement specialist with experience working with a patient with pain.

Celebrate Small Wins– We often recommend that patients split their goals into smaller steps. That way, they can notice their progress and celebrate it. For instance, they could have the goal of reducing two pounds at a time. Then, you will be filled with positive vibes when you hit this goal.

The Role Of A Doctor 

Lifestyles and nutrition are an integral part of weight loss. But the truth is, it’s pretty hard to accomplish. However, with a doctor by your side, you can lead a proper lifestyle and consume the right nutrition to help you win the battle. Your doctor will offer the best direction to attain your ultimate goal.

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