5 Things to Look for in a Pain Management Plan

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When you’re dealing with chronic pain, performing everyday tasks can sometimes feel like a nightmare. What might take you five minutes normally now takes you fifty minutes, all while dealing with persistent pain. You’ve most likely put together a pain management plan with your doctor in the hopes of relieving some of the discomfort while still having a social life, but is it enough? Or are you focusing on the right things in your plan? Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando may be able to help. Chronic pain is a complex issue, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping you find a better, less painful life through the use of PRP and stem cell therapies. 

Feeling Left Out

Chronic pain sufferers often feel that they’re on the outside looking in on many of the activities their friends and family are participating in. You may want to jump in and play sports with your family, or go shopping with friends for hours, but your pain is limiting your activities. It becomes more of a balance between feeling worse but doing fun outings, or feeling better but shut inside for the day. If you are feeling like it’s a juggling act that you can’t win, looking at what matters most in your life is key. Your overall goal should be back to feeling as close to 100% as possible, both mentally and physically. Your plan should revolve around those characteristics and not just focusing on the physical alleviation.  

Pain Management Plan

In speaking with your doctor, you’ve more than likely laid out a few guidelines and lifestyle changes to try out in terms of helping with your chronic pain. Whichever treatments, therapies, or medications you’re considering, it’s important to keep these five factors in the back of your mind during these processes, in the hopes that it will give you more insight into what works for you and helps you feel more involved while also dealing with less pain. Think about your overall mobility and your quality of life as a whole. The more you can get around, the more you can become a part of your friends and families activities, and the more involved you are in the world and your surroundings. Improving your mobility can open up a world of possibilities for you, even if it’s just a few extra steps per day that are pain free. Value those treatments that can increase your mobility and focus on their other benefits for a truly life-changing experience. 

Remember that your social interactions and connections play a vital role to your mental health as well, bringing happiness and joy. When you’re depressed or feeling painful, you automatically want to withdraw and limit interactions, which then becomes a vicious circle when it comes to getting out and seeing people. The more depressed you feel, the less inclined you are to go out, which will push your depression deeper. Instead, seek out any opportunities for social interaction, no matter the capacity, in order to get more positive social bonding and emotional support. In dealing with chronic pain, you may also feel more reliant on others for help due to the level of pain you might be experiencing. Although having a network of friends and family to rely on is an overall good relationship to have, you might also feel too dependent on others and want to be more self-reliant. Being a little more independent, whether it’s for a small or large task, can help boost your confidence and relieve anxiety, while potentially lessening pain’s grip on your life. Treatment options that help you become more independent will definitely go a long way in your treatment plan.  


Getting your chronic pain diagnosis was most likely an arduous journey as well; oftentimes, chronic pain doesn’t show up on tests, x-rays, MRI’s or blood tests, and can be tricky to determine and diagnose, leaving you to feel isolated or misunderstood. But with an estimated 50 million Americans dealing with a form of chronic pain, you are not alone. Remember to stay true to yourself and don’t let others bring you down. And remember to keep love at the forefront of any pain treatment plan. This is the most basic fundamental need of humans, but is so often overlooked, especially in the seeking treatment options. Giving and receiving love is to truly feel fulfilled, so if your treatments or therapies aren’t helping to bring more love into your life, think about what needs to change.  

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Are you ready to take your pain management plan to the next level? Want a second opinion on your options and see if there’s something else to try for your chronic pain? Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando is here to help. We treat all levels and locations of pain, including herniated discs, lower back pain and chronic pain with different therapies, such as PRP and stem cell. Call us today!  

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