What You Need To Know About Stem Cell Therapy and What It Can Do For Your Chronic Pain

Chronic pain

Chronic pain may have real effects on your mental health or your daily activities. It makes you dependent on drugs and can end up being frustrating as the treatment offers temporary relief. The excruciating pain never leaves but stays by your side. Stem cell therapy is generally new, but it’s fast-evolving and attracting attention at Innovative Pain Solutions.

Stem cell therapy offers a great promise for new medical treatments. You may have heard of stem cell therapy either online or from television and probably wondered what it means? How does it work to reduce chronic pain?

Stem cells are cells from which all the other cells with specific functions are produced. Making us wonder, does stem cell therapy work for pain? These cells naturally occur in our bodies, and they are the body’s building block. Their duties include the generation of new tissues in case of an injury.

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Pain?

Stem cell therapy involves obtaining the stem cells from your body found in the bone marrow and adipose fat. The stem cells get injected into the injured area to heal damaged tissue, bones, and ligaments.

There is little to no effect on the body as the stem cells are obtained from the body. Stem cell therapy has been tried and tested as an effective treatment in many conditions such as:

Joint pain
Shoulder pain
Back pain
Painful fractures
Chronic neck pain

Redirecting the stem cells to where they are needed helps rebuild and repair damaged tissue. In the end, it relieves you from pain.

Does Stem Cell Treatment Work for Back Pain?

Stem cell therapy has no limitations and can treat various kinds of pain. Stem cells are responsible for regeneration and healing the body. The injections given reduce the time for post-injury recovery. It will also help you avoid the painful healing process.

One of the causes of back pain might be degenerative disc disease. The discs on your back may deteriorate due to various reasons. Stem cell therapy may be a suitable treatment for this. It is due to the cell’s ability to evolve into any type of cell in the body and speeds up the healing process.

When the stem cells are injected into the intervertebral discs by a pain management doctor, the cells lead to an anti-inflammatory effect on the back. It will help reduce pain and probably slow down the degenerative process.

Stem Cell Therapy in Pain Medicine

Stem cell therapy takes advantage of the body’s natural healing process. It heals damaged tissues, heals injuries, and gets rid of the pain. Stem cell therapy focuses on the underlying condition and pain without depending on surgery or medicine.

In the end, this results in a shorter recovery time than surgical options. The benefits of stem cell therapy include:
A better alternative to surgical procedures
The recovery time is short.
It’s a natural and long term effective treatment option
It reduces pain and decreases inflammation
It is an outpatient procedure, simple, and requires no anesthesia.

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Does stem cell therapy work for pain? When in pain, we look for all available solutions in the market, and stem cell therapy seems to be getting some attraction. Innovative Pain solutions offer this and much more; get in touch today.

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