How Swimming Can Relieve Chronic Back Pain


Exercising has many benefits that everyone should put in the effort for. However, many exercises have negative long-term effects from overstraining muscles, hyper-extending joints, and other effects that occur from putting your body in odd positions. That is why it is important to exercise to not cause pain but rather, helps the pain. Innovative Pain Solutions explains how swimming can relieve chronic back pain and the benefits of swimming for those suffering from back pain. Swimming comes with many benefits that you likely do not realize you could have with just a few simple strokes.

Along with other benefits, swimming is completely non-impact, so you do not strain any muscles. Some of these benefits include improved posture and balance, builds muscle strength, helps cardiovascular health, and more. People can receive these benefits no matter what age they are, so your strength and skill level does not matter. You can trust our team in Orlando, FL, because we are experts in tips about swimming for back pain.


Exercises For How Swimming Can Relieve Chronic Back Pain 

You are likely asking yourself, “can swimming help with lower back pain?” We are here to tell you that it does, and we are going to provide specific exercises that will help with this pain so you know what to do next time you find yourself in the water. One exercise is simply walking around in the deeper end of the pool, so your feet are barely touching the ground. This is essentially the same action as swimming, so you will build muscle in your arm and leg areas as well as help lift your posture. Another exercise is water aerobics which will help with flexibility due to working many different muscles at once. Swimming a few laps is great exercise as well because any strokes involve using your back muscles which will strengthen over time, causing less pain. Floating on a noodle is another great activity to practice for your lower back pain because it is low impact, but it will still provide the effects of swimming to some extent. Noodles also help keep your back in a natural and comfortable position.


Swim Properly 

The people who do not feel pain relief from swimming are likely not swimming properly. Here is a list of the mistakes that you are likely making:

  • Not using floating devices
  • Not wearing swimming goggles
  • Swimming with front strokes
  • Not doing enough upper body strokes
  • People who make jerking motions


Workout Time 

The more time and effort that you put into working out, the better the results will be. Therefore, we suggest swimming for about twenty to thirty minutes every time you decide to get in the water. Plus, the more days you swim, the sooner you will feel results. Consistency is key.


Contact Us 

Innovative Pain Solutions wants your lower back pain to feel better as soon as possible. That is why we tell you how swimming can relieve chronic back pain, so you are not asking yourself, “is swimming good for back pain?” Or “can swimming make back pain worse?” Call or visit us today in Orlando, FL, for the answers to these questions.

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