What are the risks of herniated disc surgery?

What are the risks of herniated disc surgery

If you are the kind of person who likes to have a say in whether they should have surgery or not instead of just proceeding with your doctor’s recommendation, then you should analyze the risks. With herniated disc surgery, like any other surgery, there are certain risks attached to it. To make your life easier and help you make a more informed decision, we have compiled most of the relevant risks that can present themselves while and after a person goes through the procedure.


Let us now examine the topic and see what these risks are and if going for a herniated disc surgery is worth it or not.


Map out your Options

Should I have lumbar Surgery for my herniated disc? Before contemplating too much on this question, lay out all the options that you have. Is there an alternate method of treating yourself? Is Surgery your last resort? Is it necessary to get the Surgery? Should you get the Surgery immediately or put it off for some time while you explore other alternatives to Surgery?

When we talk about other alternates, we refer to lifestyle changes, exercising, physical therapy, activities recommended by your doctor, steroid injections, or even medication that might help numb and minimize pain.


Things to Remember before getting the Surgery

It is a good idea to have some information about the thing you are getting Surgery for. A herniated disc surgery is aimed towards your lower back. While the disc gets affected in the lower back, the pain extends to your legs and knees. Other alternatives can indeed cure this pain, and the pain becomes manageable. However, if the pain has been prolonged and medication and other alternatives are not working, getting Surgery is your next best option.

Getting Surgery will most probably help in relieving your pain faster. However, as time passes, and if the pain returns, the impact of Surgery and non-surgical pain-relieving methods becomes equal.


What are the risks for a disc fix?

While surgery seems like a long-lasting and more effective answer to your problems, some risks are associated with a herniated disc surgery. Make sure you get a reliable, credible, and highly professional surgeon to carry out the procedure for you to minimize the risks imposed by the Surgery.


When a person gets lumbar surgery, they expose themselves to the risk of getting an infection, like most other surgeries. There is also the most threatening risk of all, which is nerve damage. If the procedure is not carried out with maximum efficiency, there is a high chance that all of your pain will not go away, and your symptoms might still prevail. In addition to all of this, there is no 100% guarantee that your symptoms will not return after the surgery, or you will not have to face an entirely new set of symptoms.


The risk of damaging your spine or nerves in the process of getting a herniated disc can convince people to shy away from the procedure since this can have longer and worse impacts on your health. Another common issue that people have faced is the formation of many scar tissues in their surgery area, which then presses against your nerves. This can also cause pain instead of relieving it. Lastly, the way your body reacts to anesthesia also plays a factor in the risks. Even though it is not very common, some people do have some side effects after getting anesthesia.

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