How Sleep Can Help With Pain Management

How Sleep Can Help With Pain Management

Chronic pain and sleep have a bidirectional relationship. For example, many people report that their pain lessened after a quality night’s sleep. If you are living with chronic pain, you’d sure want to know how sleep can be a crucial component in your recovery path! As the best Orlando pain clinic offering pain management, Orlando locals swear by Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips have explored that in this article. So, Go through the article and find out how you can alleviate your chronic pain with sleep.

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At Innovative Pain Solutions, our team of certified pain management specialists understands the importance of sufficient deep sleep. It functions to restore and repair the bodies. Adequate rest has a significant impact on the body and mind during the healing process. But is it possible to sleep with chronic pain? Yes! There are varying methods our experts have figured out, and these may help increase hours of quality sleep you get each night. One of the steps is re-calibrating sleeping patterns. This

means you are prioritizing rest as a primary component in the wellness journey.

Considerations For A Quality Sleep Hygiene

  • Light Levels- Exposure to light can regulate bodies, allowing you to discern when it’s time to wake and when you need to rest. Therefore, increase sunlight exposure during the day and limit exposure to artificial light at night.
  • Diet- A healthy diet can improve your sleeping patterns. For example, heavy foods containing high sugar and fat content will increase the risk of insomnia. Also, alcohol, caffeine, and even chocolate will do the same. Avoiding these a few hours before sleep can prepare you well for sleep.
  • Physical Activity- Intense daytime activities can enhance deep sleep at night. Nevertheless, some chronic pain can restrict movement and have physical limitations. Does that sound like you? Consult our pain management experts today to develop a plan for you!
  • Nighttime Routines- The moment your daytime habits have been sorted, evaluate nighttime factors that could influence the hours of sleep you enjoy at night. Bedtime routine includes changing the room temperature and adjusting pillow position.

Commit To A Regular Daily Wake-Up Time

You can’t always control the time you sleep. But you can take charge of when to wake up. By setting a regular wake-up time, you can structure a benchmark for the body’s circadian rhythms. That way, your body will understand what is required of it daily at the same time. Moreover, when you have a scheduled wake-up time, you can avert oversleeping and deprive yourself of fatigue temporarily, saving you from a shallow, poor, and restless sleep.

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