Best Yoga Poses That Fight Pain

best yoga poses that fight pain

Have you been searching for effective ways to defeat chronic pain with yoga poses? At Innovative Pain Solutions, our experts have outlined the best yoga poses that fight pain. For years, yoga has been an effective tool in helping people manage pain. But why are these poses so effective? Why use yoga for pain relief? It’s due to its focus on breathing, which relaxes and energizes the nervous system. Also, yoga functions like a total reset for our postures. And when a person can maintain a good posture, they’ll experience less pain. So, let’s explore these top yoga poses for pain management.

Best Yoga Poses That Fight Pain

  • Yoga Pose: Twisted Figure Four- Lie down on your back and slightly bend your knees with your feet on the ground. Put your right ankle on your left knee. After that, let your two legs fall over to the feet. Balance the sole of the right foot on the floor as you have your right knee facing up or off your head. If this is tough for you, move your legs down a few inches off your head. The primary thing in this yoga move is to ensure that the pelvis hangs toward the ground and that you relax your back as you gently stretch the hip and outer thigh. The most important thing is to allow the outer thigh and hip to adapt. Try your best to hold for a minimum of sixty seconds, and do the same for the other side.

Yoga Pose For Neck Pain

  • The Move: Restorative Chest Pose- Roll a towel or a mat to a minimum of three inches and a maximum of five inches in diameter. Lie down with the roll vertically behind your head and spine. Allow your body to be heavy on that roll as you relax there. Stay for a minimum of two minutes and a maximum of five minutes. When you work on releasing tension to your chest, it comes with a long-term effect on your neck. Our pain management experts can also walk you through more yoga for the neck and shoulders.

Yoga Pose For Back Pain

  • Downward-Facing Dog- This is one of the best yoga poses for back pain. Additionally, it helps to address the imbalance in the body and aids in strengthening it. To start the pose, get on all fours. Then, place your knees under the hips and let your hands align with your wrists. After that, press into your hands, then tuck the toes under and lift the knees. Maintain a slight bend in the knees and lengthen the tailbone and spine. Move your heels slightly away from the floor. Press firmly into the hands. Spread your weight equally, keeping attention to where you are placing your shoulders and hips. Let your head be in line with your upper arms. Maintain this pose for a minimum of one minute. Interestingly, there are more than 8 yoga poses to relieve lower back pain. To explore them, speak with our pain management experts now.

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