Pain Management: How to Relieve Lower Back Pain at Home


Lower back pain is a common phenomenon among people of all ages and gender. But older people are at greater risk, as are those with weight problems. Injury, improper lifting, and disease are all predisposing factors.

The pain manifests as an ache in the muscles of the lower back or upper legs. It can also present as a stabbing pain shooting through the lower back down to the legs. It feels worse when we perform activities that put a strain on the back.

Lower back pain is so debilitating to an everyday life that so many remedies have sprung up; most are nothing more than snake oil remedies.

Lower back pain management shouldn’t be as exotic as that. Relief can be found at home by implementing simple measures.


Pain Management

Innovative Pain Solutions is a pain relief center in Orlando that advocates a holistic approach to pain management. We understand that pain is too complex for a one-sided cure.

Home remedies have a place in the management of pain. Here are a few you can try out as recommended by our Orlando pain relief center.

  1. Exercise

Several exercise regimens are effective against pain.

Biking, swimming, walking, water exercises, low-impact aerobics, and yoga are daily exercises that can help alleviate lower back pain. Exercise moderation and take advice from your physiotherapists at our center for pain management in Orlando.

  1. Pelvic tilt

You can achieve this by lying flat on the floor, knees bent and legs slightly apart. Press the small of your back flat against the floor for five seconds by tightening your stomach muscles. Repeat ten times.

  1. Bridges

Lie flat on the floor, knees drawn up and feet flat on the floor. The aim is to lift your back off the floor to form a straight line from shoulder to knee. This strengthens your lower backbone and muscles.

  1. Lower Back Rotational Stretches

Innovative Pain Solutions’ pain clinic in Orlando recommends this regimen as effective against back pain.

Lie on your back with your fit drawn up and feet flat on the floor. Try to lay both knees to one side as far as they can go. Keep the whole of your back on the floor. Now try to roll the knees to the other side. Do this four times every time, about three times a day.

  1. Prevention

Protect your back and body from careless injury. Take care not just of your back but of your entire body. Do not lift objects that are too heavy. Maintain the correct posture always.

  1. Other Treatments

Pain creams can help treat ongoing pain. You can buy these over the counter or have your doctor prescribe them. Supplements are also helpful, especially if the pain is related to nutritional deficiency.

Manage your stress, cut down on drinking and smoking, and drink plenty of water.

If the pain persists, see a doctor.

Lower back pain can be so bad it becomes difficult to enjoy life or fulfill your daily life. If you can, manage it from home first. An expert in pain management will tell you if that is advisable.

Contact us at Innovative Pain Solutions for pain treatment.

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