6 Reasons To See A Doctor For Back Pain

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You might be surprised to hear that many people suffer from some kind of back pain. This pain may be due to several different underlying conditions, so patients need to visit a doctor for back pain to determine the cause. To learn more or schedule an appointment, visit Innovative Pain Solutions online. In the meantime, consider these six reasons why you may want to see a pain doctor in Orlando.


No Referral Is Needed To See A Doctor For Back Pain

Most people who experience back pain suffer from a chronic condition, and it is often necessary to see a specialist to diagnose the underlying cause. Although most specialists require a referral from your primary care provider, you can often make an appointment with a pain doctor yourself. These specialists can often provide many services that other doctors cannot, so it is nice to be able to go without a referral.


Most of the time, chronic back pain is caused by an underlying condition such as arthritis. Not only can a pain doctor help diagnose and treat these underlying conditions, but they can also address the underlying causes of them. For example, patients might have back pain caused by arthritis, and arthritis may be caused by obesity. A pain doctor will provide a comprehensive treatment by addressing all factors contributing to your pain. 


A Pain Doctor Can Treat A Range Of Conditions

Doctors that treat pain are often qualified to treat a range of other similar conditions, including:


  • Pinched nerves
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sciatica
  • Arthritis
  • Degenerative disc disease


Along with this, they can also treat physiological and psychological issues that may be causing your back pain, including anxiety, depression, stress, or even obesity. 


Since back pain can be caused by a wide range of underlying issues, most pain doctors will specialize in multiple fields of medicine. In most cases, these areas of expertise will be complementary to each other. This ensures that the doctor you visit can provide you with comprehensive care to address your back pain.


Chronic Back Pain Will Often Require Specialized Treatment

In most situations, your primary care physician will not be able to properly address your chronic pain. They may prescribe painkillers or suggest using over-the-counter pain medications, but while these medications will help subside the pain, they will not get to the root cause of your problem. However, a pain specialist will be able to properly address any underlying conditions found during your appointment.


The goal of visiting a specialist to address your chronic pain is to get to the point where the pain is no longer an issue. Luckily, a qualified pain specialist will have access to several additional techniques to address all the factors involved in your condition. These services may include cognitive therapy, physical therapy, nerve stimulation, and stem cell therapy, to name just a few! 


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If you live in Orlando and are looking for a doctor for back pain in the local area, look no further than Innovative Pain Solutions. Our doctors are uniquely qualified to handle a wide range of conditions, and our ultimate goal is to eliminate your back pain. 

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