Lower Back Pain Treatment: Things You Need to Know

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Are you suffering from lower back pain, and none of the traditional treatments have worked for you? If so, then you are not alone. If nothing has worked for you, there are still many effective lower back pain treatments that can bring your life back to normal.

Let’s get to know about pain management doctors and see how they treat your lower back pain.

Meet Your Lower Back Pain Doctor

Before getting into the treatments, let’s talk about the person you can trust with lower back pain: a pain management specialist.

These medical professionals are pain management experts who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of many chronic pain conditions, including lower back pain. They use a variety of innovative techniques to help patients find relief from their discomfort.

However, it is important to understand that you only need to visit a pain management specialist if your physician refers you to them. If all the other conventional treatments have not worked for you, it is time to meet a specialized lower back pain doctor.

Techniques That Can Be Used for Your Lower Back Pain

1. Stem Cell Therapy: An Advanced and Modern Option

This is one of the advanced treatments offered by pain management doctors. Back, shoulder, and knee pain are among the chronic pain conditions that can be effectively treated with stem cell therapy.

Stem cell therapy uses stem cells from your own tissues to promote recovery and decrease inflammation in the damaged region.

When you meet your pain management doctor, they will decide whether it’s the best choice for you based on an in-depth assessment.

2. Interventional Treatments for Lower Back Pain

Interventional treatment involves procedures such as epidural injections. These treatments are minimally invasive and intended to go straight to the root of your lower back pain.

For instance, an epidural injection delivers medicine into the spinal epidural space in order to treat pain and inflammation. To meet your unique needs and conditions, your pain management doctor will make changes to these interventions.

3. Sympathetic Block for CRPS Pain

If you come to suffer from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), relief may not come easily. But pain management doctors can offer treatments like sympathetic blocks, which are capable of greatly relieving CRPS-related pain.

In this process, to stop pain signals from reaching the sympathetic nervous system, a sympathetic block is performed.

4. Treatment That Is Holistic

It is important to know that doctors who specialize in pain management treat you as a whole person. They work to find out the underlying causes of your pain as well as develop long-term pain management and reduction strategies. They do not just concentrate on pain relief. This may involve physical therapy, a change in lifestyle, and ongoing evaluation to make sure your treatment plan is working.

Having chronic lower back pain can be really frustrating as it affects your daily life. Thankfully,  lower back pain treatments are available to make your life easy and pain-free. So if you have tried everything and nothing in the conventional treatments has worked for you, it is time to meet a lower back pain doctor.

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