How Do You Know When Back Pain Is Serious?

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If you have been experiencing back pain for quite some time with little to no relief, the time may be right to seek further treatment options. The simple aches and pains of regular day to day activities will have little bearing on your back, but if you are already dealing with pain management in the Dr. Phillips, Florida area and haven’t had great results, a second opinion may be in order. Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando, Florida, may be able to assist you in determining the cause of your pain and offer better solutions for your chronic pain.


Underlying Issues

If you are not currently experiencing chronic pain in your back, that occasional pain can still be irksome and potentially dangerous. Sometimes pain in one area of the body can be due to something else entirely, either another organ or other underlying medical condition you may not be aware of. Most forms of pain emanating from the back are more common than you think, and while you should be aware of why and how you are experiencing this pain, it may not be a constant call to action in a myriad array of underlying issues. Knowing your medical history from both sides of your parent’s families can assist you greatly in being aware of what you can already be susceptible to developing, as well as staying alert to the potential signs. If you do happen to experience frequent fevers, unexplained weight loss, progressive weakness in your limbs, balance problems, pain at night, blood in your urine or stool, or progressive pain even with rest, you may want to seek medical advice to ensure there isn’t anything else going on with your body and health. 


Back Pain

More often than not, the pain you are experiencing in your back can be due to misalignment. Fractures, herniated discs, spinal instability, disc or bone infections, osteoarthritis, and cauda equina syndrome are all potential causes of your pain, and are often treated with surgery or pain management tools in Orlando. Many people may not realize how easy it is to misalign or slip a disc, and oftentimes the pain is just as severe as other conditions, leaving you seeking less effective treatment options until the pain gets too intense to bear. Other forms of back related pain can be due to other underlying issues, such as kidney infections, tumors, GI ulcers, multiple sclerosis, and meningitis. These medical issues can bring about severe pain in the back, often without any other symptoms, leaving you to believe it’s a simple strain or sprain of the back. But knowing your risks for developing some of these conditions and listening to your body and the level of pain you’re experiencing can help you understand if it’s a true emergency. If you happen to be checking off some of these red flags listed above, the time may be right to visit a doctor and ensure your health is where it should be. If your pain persists and doesn’t seem to be related to movement, or if you have a history of cancer in the family or a vascular disease, you may be at an increased risk of serious back conditions. 


Pain Management in Dr. Philips

Whether you know your medical history or not, it’s still in your best interest to get yourself checked out as early as possible with any of these persisting conditions. Bloodwork, x-rays and evaluations by a doctor can help you pinpoint any underlying conditions you may have, and get treatment for them sooner rather than later. Checking anything early on is by far the best option for you and your body, rather than waiting out the symptoms and potentially putting your body into more danger down the road. 


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