The Difference Between Axial, Referred & Radicular Back Pain

Radicular Pain Treatment in Orland


Back pain is not one of those things that you can treat yourself by buying over the counter medication. Even medical specialists like radiologists have admitted that back pains can be very difficult to diagnose. Symptoms vary from one patient to another. It takes careful examination to determine exactly what the patient is suffering from before subjecting him or her to any form of treatment. Some medical journals tend to confuse the three common types of pain; axial, referred, and radicular. Thus if you have persistent back pain, visit your doctor if you experience radicular pain treatment or any other pain type.


Axial Pain


It has been defined in a variety of ways but some refer to it as mechanical pain while others know it as a type of back pain that is easy to locate. One in which you can pinpoint exactly the area it is localized in. When seeking help from Innovative Pain Solutions, your doctor will perhaps explain to you exactly what axial pain is. Axial pain presents itself as a sharp or dull pain that comes and disappears. It affects the lower back and can be caused by muscle strain at times. The pain is also caused by an imbalance in a joint or a dysfunction of the same. When it comes to pain management Orlando doctors aim at finding the joints when treating axial pain.


Referred pain


As the name suggests, referred pain is as a result of a malfunction in one location, but it is manifested in another location. Medically speaking, referred pain does not involve nerve stimulation; instead, the pain is caused by noxious stimulation of nerve endings affecting discs and facet joints. The pain has been described by patients as a gnawing kind of pain. Patients experience dull achy pain that moves from one place to another. The pain commonly affects the buttocks, the thigh muscles, and the groin area. It is important to note that, at Innovative Pain Solutions the treatments used for axial pain are also applicable for referred pain in some cases. But you must visit a doctor for proper pain management Orlando help.


Radicular Pain Treatment


Also known as sciatica, radicular pain is characterized by deep pain which is accompanied by numbness and weakness. The pain is constant, and it follows the nerves in the arms or the legs. The pain is caused by an injury to the spinal nerve. This happens when nerve roots are stimulated to produce a heterospecific discharge in the affected nerve region. The damage to the nerve can be a result of a disease like arthritis, inflammation, or due to foraminal narrowing.


Doctors offering radicular pain treatment have a wide range of options, but most stick to physical therapy first before suggesting other radicular pain treatment options. Physical therapy aims at improving your posture as well as reducing the inflammation that has been known to cause radicular pain. Observing a diet that has healthy fats is another option for radicular pain treatment. Unhealthy fats cause inflammation thus making it hard to recover.


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As you prepare to visit your doctor for back examination and pain management Orlando services, remember that pain is subjective. Even if your family has a history of back problems, describe exactly what you are feeling, not what your relatives experienced. Be open to x-ray scans for a more accurate diagnosis. Both radicular pain and axial may coincide, so leave the diagnosis job to our pain specialists and make an appointment today:

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