How to Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Lower Back pain can result from different injuries, conditions, or diseases, most of which damage the muscles or tendons in the back. The pain can range from mild to severe. The pain can sometimes make walking, sleeping, or working difficult or impossible to engage in everyday activities.  

Back pain usually improves with rest, medication, and physical therapy. Cortisone injections and manual treatments such as osteopathic treatment can reduce pain and aid healing. Some back injuries and conditions require surgical repair. 

Some people have chronic back pain that does not improve after several weeks. Older people with degenerative diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis can have symptoms that get worse over time. Surgery and other treatments are effective in helping people with distinct types of injuries and medical conditions live with improved quality of life. 

The treatment of lower back pain depends on the cause. The following are some treatments you may find helpful in minimizing your lower back pain: – 

Physical Therapy 

Physical therapy can strengthen your muscles and support your spine. It also improves flexibility and helps you avoid another injury. Physical therapy is often recommended after an episode of lower back pain which has lasted two to six weeks or when lower back pain recurs often. Many specialists recommend physical therapy as soon as possible, especially if the pain is severe.  

In general, physical therapy aims to relieve pain, improve function, and educate about a maintenance program to prevent future recurrences. 


Your doctor will inject pain-relieving medication into the area that is affected with chronic pain. Steroid injections relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Injections are considered to treat spinal pain after other nonsurgical measures, such as medication and physical therapy. 

Injections can relieve pain and help figure out the patient’s source of pain. Injections can directly deliver medication that can relieve neck or back pain better than oral medications. 

Advanced Pain Management Solutions

In some circumstances, surgical repair might seem like only option. However, if you are suffering from chronic lower back pain and you don’t want to undergo any surgery, then you should book an appointment with a certified and experienced pain specialist.

At a reputable pain management clinic, a pain specialist will check your medical history, current pain and health conditions, and then identify the best pain management solution. In today’s time, you can benefit from a wide range of innovative pain management solutions, such as platelet-rich plasma therapy, stem cell therapy, epidural injection, corticosteroid injection, regenerative medicine, and spinal cord stimulator (which is usually only used as a last option when no other treatments work).

To conclude, millions of people live with back pain. Stiffness, pain, and restricted movement can significantly impair the quality of life. But you can potentially reduce lower back pain by maintaining a healthy weight and staying active.  

If you are not getting any relief in lower back pain, schedule an appointment with an esteemed pain specialist to find solution for complex pain-related problems. After getting the right and effective treatment, you will be able to perform activities that you are missing. 

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