Kyphoplasty Treatment: The Procedure and the Effect

Kyphoplasty Treatment

Severe, chronic back pain can take its toll, making even the simplest daily tasks feel excruciating and unbearable. If you’re among the many people struggling with agonizing compression fractures in your spine, don’t lose hope—there’s an innovative treatment that could provide relief. It’s called kyphoplasty, and here’s a deeper dive into this potential solution.

The Ins and Outs of Kyphoplasty

This minimally invasive surgical procedure is designed to treat painful fractures or cracks in the bony vertebrae that make up your spine’s backbone. When these vertebrae become weakened and collapse inward, it can cause an abnormally curved, hunched posture called kyphosis.

During kyphoplasty, your doctor will use live X-ray imaging guidance to carefully insert a hollow needle into the fractured vertebra. Then, they’ll inflate a small balloon inside the vertebra to gently restore it to its normal height before it was compressed. Finally, a special quick-drying cement gets injected into the open space to stabilize and strengthen the vertebra from the inside out.

Who’s a Candidate for This Treatment?

The causes behind those debilitating spinal compression fractures can vary but often include conditions like:

  • Osteoporosis – Age-related loss of bone density and strength
  • Spinal tumors – Cancerous growths that weaken vertebrae
  • Vertebral hemangiomas – Non-cancerous but abnormal clusters of blood vessels inside vertebrae
  • Multiple myeloma – Type of bone marrow cancer

During your consultation, your doctor will thoroughly review your medical history, describe your symptoms in detail, analyze imaging scans like X-rays or MRIs, and evaluate whether kyphoplasty could be an appropriate treatment route for you. Don’t try and self-diagnose – let the experts determine if you meet the criteria.

The Procedure – Step-by-Step

If kyphoplasty is approved, here’s a basic overview of what to expect during the actual procedure. You’ll receive calming sedation or general anesthesia so you remain completely comfortable throughout. Then the steps include:

  • Lying face-down while they sterilize and prep the area.
  • Using live X-ray guidance, inserting that hollow needle into the fractured vertebra.
  • Inflating a tiny balloon inside the vertebra to restore its normal height.
  • Injecting the quick-drying cement material into the cavity to stabilize the vertebra.

The whole process is minimally invasive and typically completed within an hour or less. After resting briefly, you’re cleared to head home the same day to begin recovery.

The Path to Feeling Better

Most kyphoplasty patients report experiencing significant relief from their intense back pain within just 1-2 days of the procedure. The compressed, fractured vertebra will no longer be painfully collapsed in on itself.

It’s normal to experience some swelling, bruising, and discomfort around the incision area at first. Taking it easy, applying ice packs, and sticking to the over-the-counter medication regimen prescribed by your doctor should help manage those side effects temporarily. Your doctor will likely advise avoiding strenuous activities or heavy lifting for several weeks to allow the cement inside sufficient time to fully harden and cure.

Take Back Your Life

If you’re one of the many people enduring excruciating back pain from compression fractures linked to osteoporosis, cancer, or another underlying condition, kyphoplasty could be a total turning point in regaining your mobility and quality of life.

Don’t resign yourself to suffering through relentless agony and immobility from a hunched spine. Have an open, honest discussion with your doctor about whether you might be an ideal candidate for this innovative, minimally invasive treatment. With the right procedure and care team, you can get back on the path toward living fully and freely without that nagging back pain weighing you down.


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