5 Tips on Lumbar Herniated Disk Pain Relief

Chronic back pain treatment in Orlando

If you suffer from a lumbar herniated disc, you may be searching for a chronic back pain treatment that will work. Unfortunately, many times, patients keep searching with little to no relief. Finding the right Orlando pain clinic can help you on this mission because it is possible to find the right treatment with the right help! The experts at Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando can help you figure out what will work for you and how often you should receive that treatment, so you see fast and lasting results. Keep reading for more tips from the profession pain management experts!


Find the Best Chronic Back Pain Treatment for Your Condition

Living with chronic lower back pain can be crippling. It could also leave you searching for an Orlando pain clinic that could help. Having a herniated disc can cause you to be unable to move, which for many patients, makes them miss out on a lot of activities. Trying to find some relief could easily become overwhelming and make you feel like giving up. However, there are a number of treatment options available that could help give you some relief and allow you to feel like yourself again. It’s time to take control of your pain and life! Below you’ll find some of the best tips of pain management!

  • Heat can relieve muscle spasm: A lot of people experience muscle spasms, but that doesn’t mean they are a minor problem. If you have spasms in the large muscles of your lower back, these can be excruciating, and they can leave you unable to move. If you start to have a muscle spasm from your herniated disc, try putting a heating pad against the spot. Doing this on and off during the day will allow the heat to work on relieving the muscle. There are different methods of heat therapy that you should try so you can figure out which one works best for you. There are adhesive wraps that you can wear for continuous heat therapy or even taking a hot bath at the end of the day. 
  • Try an injection: Although there are many people who prefer to avoid injections, getting an epidural steroid injection could provide you with immediate relief from your spasm. These shots inject a strong anti-inflammatory medication to the site of your pain. The primary goal of these injections is to allow you to continue with your exercise and treatment program that will give you long term relief. It is critical to know that not every patient is a candidate for the epidural steroid injections. 
  • Mindful meditation: Some people prefer a completely holistic approach to conquer and cure their pain. If this is the case for you may want to consider meditation as a way to relieve your pain through the focus of breathing. Some people who practice mindful meditation regularly are able to reduce or even completely get off of their medication. There are a number of different types of meditation techniques that you should try in order to figure out the best one for you.


Contact an Orlando Pain Clinic

Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando can provide chronic back pain treatment to help with your herniated disc. We pride ourselves on offering treatments that can help our patients find lower back pain relief, including PRP therapy. If you’re in the area and looking for a doctor who is up to date on all the research and technology that surrounds stem cell research and therapy, call or visit today to learn how we can help cure your chronic pain. 

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