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Are you currently suffering from pain that is coming from a herniated disc? Here at Innovative Pain Solutions, our team of professionals is here to make sure you are aware of the possible treatment you can seek to get your pain relieved. We specialize in treating herniated disc lower back pain. When it comes to pain management Dr. Phillips residents trust us!  


What is a Herniated Disc?

A disc acts as a “cushion: between the bones called vertebrae which run along the spine. This cushion helps to absorb the impact that the spinal column receives daily. In the center of the disc, a soft substance is located called the nucleus pulposus. When this nucleus is ruptured, that is when a herniated disc occurs.

A herniated disc is most often found in the lower back between the 4th and 5th lower lumbar vertebrae. If the herniation is large enough, the disc tissue can often begin to aggravate the surrounding nerves by pressure on it due to the inflammation that results.


If you are suffering from pain and are unsure of whether or not you have a herniated disc, please visit our symptoms page to read about the classic signs of this problem, and then call our doctor right away to schedule your appointment. Only a pain specialist can help you accurately diagnose the cause of your pain.


Is There a Treatment For Herniated Disc Lower Back Pain?

Yes, there are a variety of treatments that Dr. Rajan Kalia will use on his patients, in order to ensure that every possible measure is taken before the option of surgery is discussed. Surgery is always utilized as a last resort at Innovative Pain Solutions. Many of our patients often see great results through treatment.


We offer the following services when it comes to a herniated disc:

  • physical therapy to help relieve some of the pressure between vertebrae
  • muscle-relaxant medications
  • pain medication
  • anti-inflammatory medication
  • epidural injections
  • Surgery


Let Dr. Kalia Help!

Dr. Kalia’s practice philosophy is that pain management is an area of medicine where treatment algorithms applied to a population of patients does not work well. Pain treatment has to be carefully individually tailored to a patient’s needs, striving to return the individual to their highest functional level possible. Patients are treated to a calm and patient experience where the doctor spends the time necessary to listen to your concerns and find solutions to your pain.


Call Us For Pain Management Dr. Phillips

Are you looking for a medical team who can provide PRP injections for herniated disc lower back pain? We genuinely want to make sure you are in good hands when it comes to getting rid of your pain. Trust our PRP Orlando pain clinic to get you feeling better in no time! Innovative Pain Solutions are pain management doctors who know what they are doing. We strive to provide service with excellence. Call or visit us to schedule an appointment today for the platelet-rich plasma and the best pain management Dr. Phillips has to offer. We specialize in stem cell therapy in Doctor Phillips.

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