Stem Cell Therapy May the Solution for Your Low Back Pain

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Suffering from back pain can take a massive toll on one’s life in all aspects. It’s naturally disruptive to your daily life and ability to live comfortably, but it also can interfere with work, hobbies, and even spending time with family members and friends. Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr Phillips is a pain management medical center dedicated to helping all of our clients receive the healing they need to return to their lives. One such option is injections for back pain through stem cell therapy. The use of stem cells for back pain management isn’t just a way to manage the pain caused by back problems, but a method that gives the body the tools it needs to repair the problem at its source. If that sounds like something you can benefit from, then considering stem cell therapy Orlando may be in your best interest. Here’s more about stem cell therapy and how it works.


How Stem Cell Therapy Can Heal Your Back Pain

First of all, what is a stem cell? Stem cells are cells that have the ability to change into any kind of cell necessary for the body to thrive. These cells could turn into blood cells, muscle cells, or other human body cells depending on the situation. You can think of them like hardening clay. You can mold the clay to the shape you need, and then when it dries, it will stay that way. So how will this help for chronic back pain?


You probably understand that we humans are beings comprised of many cells, and that these cells can multiply so that when old ones die, new ones replace them. This is true for most cells, but there are some that do not regenerate. Nerve and cartilage cells, for example, are cells that we’re born with. We will never naturally create any more nerve or cartilage cells in our lives without external aid. For many forms of back pain, the cause comes from the degeneration of these kinds of non-regenerative cells. This is where stem cells come in.


Stem cells can be used as an external way to regenerate new cells that otherwise wouldn’t be able to. By injecting stem cells into the areas where joint tissue has deteriorated, the body gains the tools to repair the issue and eliminate the problem at its source.


What is the procedure of Injections for Back Pain?

Stem cells can be retrieved for a few different places on the body. Some examples include extraction from adult bone marrow or possibly separated from fat tissue obtained from liposuction. The cells are then injected into the area of the patient’s back that’s causing the problem. Based on their environment, the cells are able to transform based on what’s needed, allowing for the rebuilding of nerves or joint tissue.


Schedule Stem Cell Therapy Orlando Today

If you’re suffering from back pain, there’s no reason to suffer any longer. Injections for back pain are an option thanks to stem cell therapy. With the help of Innovative Pain Solutions, you can battle the cause of your pain at the root and take the first steps toward recovery. If you live in Dr. Phillips, or the Orlando area, there’s no reason to delay. Contact us today and schedule a stem cell therapy Orlando session and begin taking you life back from back pain.

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