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Pain management has evolved over the years to specialize in a specific case by case treatment options. Treatments that are tailored to best treat the issues you are facing, but pain management has not always been this easy. In 1986 the World Health Organization (WHO) published the widely accepted pain ladder. This pain ladder plans out the medication management people would do through to treat their pain. Starting at mild pain and moving on to moderate and ending with severe, this pain ladder shows the treatment options to help you manage your pain. Using opioids, nonopioids, and therapy to relieve your pain, doctors use this model today to approach pain management. But seeing as there is an opioid epidemic in this country, some doctors are turning to other treatment options to help you get back to life before the pain. If you live in Orlando and have problems controlling your pain and have ever wondered, “is there a pain specialist near me?”, today is the day!


Evolution of Pain Management


Over the years, doctors have come to learn that pain is a lot more complicated than saying “ouch.” Pain comes from not only physical harm, but there are a lot of mental aspects to pain that can be far more damaging to the body. With the recent use of Antidepressants, pain management doctors are able to treat the side effects of pain to help you move forward if your life. People who suffer from chronic pain are usually depressed because they feel like they have lost control of their life. With the use of antidepressants to lift that cloud, people are able to relieve their pain without the harsh side effects of opioids, or the fear of becoming opioid-dependent. 


While opioids can be an addictive drug, if used properly, they can be very beneficial to pain relief. Opioids have been used in effective pain management since the 19th century. But because of the adverse side effects, specialized consultation is required before a long term opioid treatment can be prescribed. The consultation is starting to require a psychosocial evaluation before these treatments can be prescribed to determine the potential risks to yourself before treatment can begin. 


There are also other alternatives to medication that have been proven to relieve pain. The use of acupuncture and trigger point injections is becoming a more widely used treatment option. Established in eastern medicine, acupuncture has been used for over 3000 years, according to the national library of medicine. While the degree and length of relief vary, it is still a viable option to relieve your pain. 


The most accessible form of pain management is the use of behavioral treatments. Relaxation therapy is the use of deep breathing, self-motivation, visualization techniques, and a personal mantra to help a patient relieve pain. This practice does not work for everyone, but for those cases where it is appropriate, it can be what helps them take their life back. 


Why find a pain specialist near me?


Orlando is a city with some of the best medical experts in the country, with the most top of the line equipment and training in the industry. Finding pain management doctors has never been easier in this busy metropolis, and as this field grows, they will become more widely available to the public in need. To help relieve your chronic pain, the use of these specialists could change your life and help you get back to worrying about what matters to you. No more constantly thinking about the pain you are in, the aches you feel or the relief you dream about. With the help of pain specialists you can take back your life. 


Contacting your local Pain specialist!


The caring individuals over at Orlando Pain Solutions dedicate their lives to helping you take back the life you lived before the pain. With some of the best pain management doctors and the use of specialized treatments, Orlando Pain Solutions helps you understand that it is possible to be free of the shackles pain put you in. Contacting Orlando Pain Solutions is easy; you can call (407) 284-1993 or visit to find out what you can do to take back your life. They are the pain specialist near me, let them be the same for you! 

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