Is Stem Cell Therapy Effective for Reducing Back Pain?

Reducing Back Pain

Medicines, physical therapy, alternative therapies, and surgery- this is a list of treatment options recommended by doctors for back pain, be it lower, upper, or whole back pain. And undoubtedly, these treatments work. Even the success rate of back surgeries is very high.

But, the thing is many people aren’t comfortable with surgery when medication and therapies don’t work on them. They try to extend non-surgical procedures for as long as possible and prevent surgeries, deteriorating their conditions. Sometimes, delay in the treatment causes serious and long-term issues.

To overcome this problem and avoid back surgery, a new innovative alternative has come into the picture known as stem cell therapy. The procedure is very effective and safe for people of all ages. To know how effective stem cell therapy is, you should know what it is and how it works.

Stem Cell Therapy

Also known as regenerative medicine, stem cell therapy targets the underlying source of pain without medication, surgery, or long recovery times. In this procedure, the body’s healing ability is utilized to regenerate damaged tissues, decrease chronic pain and heal injuries more effectively. Also, the stem cell transforms into bone, cartilage, or fat cells, stimulating the body’s healing process.

Stem cells are found in several parts of the body. But, if we talk about the area that is rich in these cells is the hip bone. For stem cell therapy, doctors easily and quickly harvest stem cells from hip bones, assuring no discomfort during the procedure.

Other than back pain, stem cell therapy treats degenerative disc disease, arthritis, pinched nerves, bone fractures, and orthopedic conditions.

How stem cell therapy works

When stem cells are injected into the affected areas, they increase cell count and reduce the body’s inflammatory response. Also, the stem cells help the affected areas to repair themselves.

The stem cells inform the affected area that they are injected and blend into the surrounding environment. They take a healing role, addressing degenerative issues, lower back pain, and other common back problems. The tissues surrounding the injected stem cells play an important role in cells’ healthy and effective cultivation.

Stem cell therapy is effective but only if you give up previous actions that contribute to your back pain. If you continue with the same actions, you will probably not see any progress.

What’s the stem cell therapy procedure?

After harvesting stem cells, they are converted into a compound using a machine called a centrifuge. The compound is known as bone marrow aspirate concentrate of BMAc. The substance contains enough stem cells to promote growth factors and growth factor-rich platelets, which help in rebuilding damaged tissues.

After the cells are ready, they are injected through intramuscular or intra-articular injections. These injections don’t require anesthesia.

The procedure is simple, so you can get back to your regular activities soon after receiving the stem cells. But, as it’s about back pain, you shouldn’t do activities that could exacerbate your pain and discomfort.

Stem cell therapy is effective in reducing back pain. But, make sure you choose an experienced and specially trained doctor in this area to complete the procedure.


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