What is Minimally Invasive Lumbar Disc Therapy?

What is minimally invasive spine surgery in orlando

If you’re somebody who has been living with back pain, you may have found yourself searching for ways to manage or cure your pain. This is why many people have been researching the question of what is minimally invasive spine surgery? Patients are trying to find the most cutting edge treatment available to help alleviate some of their symptoms. However, the best place to start isn’t just researching treatment options, but finding a doctor that provides the pain management Orlando natives trust the most. If you’re in the Orlando area, Innovative Pain Solutions is the group of doctors that you should go to for any spine surgery or therapy you need.


Understanding What is Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

There are many different types of spinal surgeries and therapies that are used to treat chronic back pain. Lumbar disc therapy is just one of the treatment options available to patients. Before deciding if this is the right option for you it is essential to understand what exactly is involved in the therapy, what the risks are, and what recovery might be like.


Lumbar disc therapy is a surgery that is performed to fix a disc that is located in the lower back. To conduct the surgery, your surgeon makes some small incisions in your back to correct the damage that has occurred. Your spinal cord runs through a column of bones called vertebrae, and the bones are there to protect the cord from severe injury. In between each vertebra are discs for cushion and support. Within the nerves, there are roots that are responsible for sending signals to and from your body and brain. Due to injury or sometimes age, the outer wall of these discs could dry out or become weaker, which can cause the inner part of the disc to bulge out. When this happens, the bulging disc can begin to press on the spinal cord causing pain, tingling, or even weakness to a number of body parts.


During lumbar disc surgery, an orthopedic surgeon will take out part of the damaged disc, which will help alleviate the pressure you’re experiencing on your spinal cord. There are different approaches a surgeon can use during this procedure. One way is to insert a small tube into your back and between the vertebrae. Once the tube is in the space with the herniated disc, the surgeon will insert tools to remove the damaged portion of the disc. Another option is to use a laser to remove part of the disc. With this method, the surgeon will only make a very tiny cut, and no bone or muscle will be removed.


Like any surgery, there are risks involved with having lumbar disc therapy. Some risk factors include infection, excess bleeding and blood clots, injuries to nearby nerves, reaction to anesthesia, and finally short-term relief, which could lead to the need for additional surgery. Risks can vary from patient to patient and may depend on your age and general overall health. Before deciding if this procedure is right for you, it’s important to speak with the provider of pain management Orlando locals trust to learn more about these risks and how they could affect you and your results.


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