Everything You Need to Know About Facet Joint Injections

Facet pain injections in Orlando

Do you experience persistent joint pain that won’t go away despite your best efforts to treat it? Facet Pain Injections in Orlando could be the ideal treatment for you!

During a facet joint injection, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs are injected into your facet joints to lessen pain. At the back of your spine, between each vertebra, are a pair of tiny joints called facet joints. These joints can occasionally become painful due to traumatic injuries or wear and tear from years of use.

Many people continue to feel better even months after their treatment. The risk is low, and the treatment is not painful.

What are facet joint injections used to treat?

Facet pain injections in Orlando treat the discomfort that originates in your neck or back’s facet joints. They contain drugs known as steroids, which aid in reducing inflammation. Additional painkillers, such as lidocaine, are present.

If conservative measures like physical therapy or reducing your activity levels for at least three months are unsuccessful in treating your pain, your pain management doctor may recommend these injections.

There are several potential reasons for facet joint pain:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Joint instability
  • Traumatic injury
  • Impingement (excess pressure) of joint tissue
  • Inflammation of the joint lining

Facet pain injections in Orlando can also be utilized to identify facet joint pain. Positive results from the injections imply that the facet joint is the source of the discomfort.

Procedure for Injecting a Facet Joint

An injection into a facet joint is a minimally invasive technique that typically lasts around 30 minutes. Because it’s an outpatient operation, you can return home the same day. Even though you’ll be awake throughout the treatment, you can be given sedatives via an IV in your hand or arm.

Here’s an idea of what to expect:

  • You will lie face down on a table, maybe with devices attached to monitor your vital signs.
  • To avoid contamination, your skin will be sterilized around the injection site and covered with a drape.
  • Your skin will be numbed by a local anesthetic that a pain specialist will inject with a needle.
  • The specialist will insert the facet joint injection through your skin and into your joint using fluoroscopy (a form of real-time X-ray) or a CT scan as a guide.
  • The steroid and painkiller will then be injected into your joint.
  • To stop bleeding, they will then withdraw the needle. There is no need for stitches.

What is the Recovery Time After Facet Joint Injection?

You should avoid vigorous activities and driving for the first 24 hours since you might experience some soreness near the injection site for a few days. The next day, you’ll probably be able to resume your normal activities. After the procedure, you may experience more discomfort before the medication starts to work.

How long does an injection for a facet joint block last?

Facet pain injections in Orlando may provide comfort for three months or longer. Facet joint injections may be administered three times a year in total.

To know whether facet pain injections are right for you, please schedule a consultation appointment at Innovative Pain Solutions today.


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