A Pain Management Physician Discusses A Proper Diet For Pain

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As many of us grow older, we encounter health conditions that cause chronic pain. Living with chronic pain can take a massive toll on individuals, lowering their happiness and quality of life. We at Innovative Pain Solutions see this and aim to provide treatment that can help patients return to their normal lives, providing PRP Orlando locals can benefit from. One thing you might not have thought about that can help some patients is a change in diet. Certain foods can stimulate things like muscle inflammation while other, healthier options may provide nutrients that can lessen pain in certain areas. Let our pain management physician guide you on some tips you can apply to your diet for happier living.


Diet Tips for Pain Management

When it comes to medical treatment, diet is something far from many of our minds, but what we put into our bodies can make a huge difference on how we feel. Now, certain foods are things you’ll want to mostly avoid, but the more important thing is eating enough of the right things. If you’re ensuring your diet is well-balanced, then occasional snacks aren’t a bad thing. With that in mind, here are some tips to pay attention to:

  • Drink Water
    • You’ve probably heard this one a million times, but water is literally the most important thing for us. Our bodies are mostly water, after all, and getting plenty of water each day helps our bodies run efficiently.
  • Stay Away From Refined Foods
    • A lot of your typical junk foods, snacks, freezer meals, and other refined foods will have lots of sugar, salt, and saturated fats you don’t need excess of. It’s easy to overdo it on these nutrients with refined foods, so do your best to rely on more whole foods for meals. You can speak with a registered dietician to help plan meal preps to make it easier.
  • Skip Most Dairy Products
    • Dairy is inflammatory, which can aggravate pain that stems from conditions like arthritis, and many products like butter and cheese should be avoided as much as possible. Some options, like probiotic yogurts, can still be good though. Consider replacing your butter and milk with a non-dairy alternative, avoid the cheese, and you’ll be in a good spot.
  • Eat more Beans
    • Beans and whole grains offer a ton of nutritional benefits from fiber to protein and iron and many things in between. Try and replace the use of white bread with whole grain where possible, and incorporate bean dishes into your daily meals.
  • Add Fresh Fruit and Leafy Greens
    • Most Americans aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables. These are fantastic foods that offer a lot of anti-inflammatory properties, specifically leafy green vegetables like spinach.


Why Seek a Pain Management Physician?

If you’re suffering from chronic pain of any kind, solutions can be difficult to find without the guidance of a professional healthcare provider. There are many different kinds of pain someone can experience, and those different forms can be the symptoms of countless different conditions. Pain is something that can be treated if it’s properly diagnosed. What this ultimately means is that, with the help of a trustworthy physician, one can identify the cause of their pain and be prescribed treatment options to alleviate that pain. This doesn’t always mean prescription medications either. Different kinds of physical therapies can be beneficial in alleviating pain in patients. The only way to access this knowledge effectively is with the help of a professional. There’s only so much that can be learned from googling alone, and a patient misdiagnosing themselves is common, which could lead to improper treatment.


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If you’re struggling with chronic pain in your life, or someone you know and care about is, then it’s time to seek the help of a pain management physician. If you live in Orlando, then you can find Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips. Our professionals are here to care for your needs and find the best form of treatment for your condition. Seek the PRP Orlando patients are in need of by contacting us today.


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