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Back pain is an unfortunate and chronic problem that affects the lives of many Americans. There are many causes for back pain, and diagnosing the source is essential to providing the proper treatment of your symptoms. Having a spinal disc problem is a common cause of back pain.  When back pain is caused by a spinal disc problem, the source of the pain is typically either from a nerve being irritated by a protruding disk, or it is from the disc space itself. A herniated disc can irritate nerves and thus the nerves that cause the pain, or the pain may be in the disc itself. Read on to learn more about the differences between back pain due to a pinched nerve or a degenerated disc. Innovative Pain Solutions is a top pain management group in the Orlando area. If you’re looking for stem cell therapy Orlando residents trust, call Innovative Pain Solutions at our Dr. Phillips office today!


Pinched Nerve Vs. Degenerated Disc


Both a pinched nerve and a degenerated disc on its own can be a cause of chronic back pain. Differentiating between these two causes can cause patients to be confused, since doctors often end up using a variety of terms to describe the problem- such as a slipped disc, pinched nerve, and degenerated disc. In order to assist in clarifying disc problems, we will in the article focus on identifying the source of the pain as coming from either a pinched nerve or a degenerated disc. First, let’s discuss a pinched nerve. This type of pain happens when the inner core of the disc leaks out and affects the nearby nerve root. Basically, it’s not the disc that hurts, but rather the nerve that is being intruded upon by the disk. The pain from the nerve can radiate along the path of the nerve to other parts of the body. If the pain then spreads into the arms or legs, the pain in your limbs is often worse than the actual back pain. Neurological problems like weakness or numbness may also happen. This type of pain is termed medically as a radiculopathy. When this condition occurs in the lower spine, it is typically called sciatica, and patients may want to seek stem cell therapy Orlando residents trust.


Top Pain Management Group Discusses Disc Pain


Degenerative disc disease is what may be the cause if the back pain comes from within the disc itself. This pain can be the result of a combination of these factors:

  • Inflammation- The proteins released into the disc space as the disc regenerates can cause inflammation, which typically causes pain.
  • Abnormal micromotion- If the outer rings of cartilage that encapsulate the disc, known as the annulus, break down, then they will not be able to resist the motion in the spine as effectively. This abnormal motion can result in pain. When the body tries to counteract inflammation and abnormal micromotion, muscles in the area can spasm, which ends up in sharp, shooting pains typical of a degenerated disc. 


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Innovative Pain Solutions is a top pain management group in Dr. Phillips. If you’re looking for stem cell therapy Orlando residents trust, call Innovative Pain Solutions today!


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