Orlando Pain Clinic: The Neck Remedies You Didn’t Know About

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Neck pain can be the bane of one’s quality of life. It can distract us while we’re relaxing at home or out at work, and the inability to escape the pain can be as disruptive as it is uncomfortable. We at Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando are always on the lookout for new ways to provide pain management Orlando residents can benefit from. For that reason, we want to share some neck pain solutions you can try in order to alleviate cases of chronic neck pains.


Neck Pain Solutions for You

Are you in need of neck pain relief? Seeing a specialist can be a great way to find which forms of treatment are best for your case, but there are also at-home solutions you can attempt to better your condition.

  • Go swimming
    • Swimming is actually considered the best form of exercise in many different categories of physical health. This is an activity that has you using your entire body. Being in water also means you place less stress on your spine, which is where neck pain can originate for some, and it may help in treating that pain for those cases. If swimming is too much for your neck pain, you can also consider water therapy.
  • Manage your phone and tablet usage
    • If you find yourself on your phone or tablet often, you might be looking down a lot, which can be a cause of neck pain. Try using hands-free headsets for phone calls, and when using your phone or tablet to text, browse the internet, or use apps, try positioning yourself so that you aren’t looking down.
  • Get a water pillow
    • To keep your neck well-positioned at night, a water pillow can be used. These are pillows you can fill with water, and what’s great about these is that you can adjust the amount of water in them to best suit your neck. Find the right level for you and use it to get a good night’s rest.
  • Lean your head back
    • If you work at a computer where you’re often looking down at a screen, or find yourself in similar circumstances, take frequent breaks to stretch your neck. Lean your head back and count to 30. This will help you stretch your neck muscles.
  • Seek a physical therapist
    • Especially useful for severe neck pain, a physical therapist can help you find the right solutions for pain management. These are professionals who can help diagnose the source of your neck pain and find the right solutions to best treat your situation. They can also recommend different activities you can participate in to counter your pain.


Why See an Orlando Pain Clinic?

If you live in the Orlando area, then there are solutions to resolve cases of chronic pain. Living happily and comfortably is a right, not a luxury, and when dealing with chronic pain, a professional can help. Our specialists aim to ensure the happy, healthy living of all patients that walk through our doors in a way that is free of pain and complication. If these are things you suffer from, then there’s no need to endure that pain without treatment. With the help of a specialist, you can be on your way to proper treatment that can alleviate your pain.


For Pain Management Orlando Residents Can Benefit From, Contact Us

If you’re ready to seek out an Orlando pain clinic, then look no further than Innovative Pain Solutions. Located in Dr. Phillips, we can provide pain management Orlando residents can rely on to help remediate their neck pain or other pains. Contact us today to learn more about how you can benefit from pain management solutions.

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