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If you suffer from chronic pain, then you’ve probably already consulted with and maybe even started treatment with your primary care physician. A lot of patients have been seeing the same primary care physician for the whole of their adult lives and feel very comfortable with them, and prefer to receive all advice and care from their own doctor. Other patients have noted that they prefer their primary care physician treat their chronic pain due to efficiency reasons, as being able to see one doctor in one location tends to be more convenient for the schedules. However, if you are a sufferer of chronic pain, the best thing that your primary  care physician can do for you is to refer you to a pain specialist. In order to truly have effective and efficient pain management, it is best to see a doctor who is trained in your specific type of chronic pain. Read on to learn more about the benefits of a pain specialist versus your primary care doctor when it comes to pain management. Innovative Pain Solutions is a pain doctor Orlando residents trust. If you’re looking for treatment such as PRP Orlando residents rely on, call our Dr. Phillips office today!


What Pain Management Doctors Do


So what exactly  is the role that pain management doctors play? Pain management doctors are specialists with a high level of training and experience in the field of diagnosing and treating different types of acute and chronic pain. Patients may be curious about what pain management doctors do that is different from their primary care physician, and the answer is a lot. The pain management field has evolved over the years and continues to become more and more complex, which makes it more important than ever to work with a specialist. Here’s some things that a pain management doctor can do that your primary physician cannot:

  • Perform specialized test for diagnosing chronic pain conditions
  • Appropriately prescribe and manage medications to unique conditions at varying levels of severity
  • Conduct procedures such as nerve blocks and spinal injections, and PRP Orlando residents may need
  • Coordinate additional care, including physical and psychological therapy or rehab

Talk to your primary care physician in order to be referred to a pain management specialist.


Pain Doctor Orlando Residents Trust


While your primary care physician is highly knowledgeable regarding a wide variety of health and physical issues, their training is not as specified. In fact, only four medical schools in the entire U.S. in 2011 included courses that focused solely on pain as a part of the required curriculum. As a result, only 34% of 500 primary care physicians surveyed said that they were comfortable treating patients who suffer from chronic pain. For pain management specialists, they complete additional residencies, internships, and fellowship training specific to the treatment of chronic pain, which not only deepens their knowledge of chronic pain itself, but also the interventional procedures which can assist in reducing suffering and increasing the quality of life.


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Innovative Pain Solutions is a pain doctor Orlando residents trust. If you’re looking for PRP Orlando relies on, call Innovative Pain Solutions at our office in Dr. Phillips today.

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