Stretches That Relieve Discogenic Pain

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Many different factors can cause back pain. Pretty much anything you do could cause pain. Sitting or standing for prolonged periods of time, especially at the wrong posture, could be a significant cause of back pain. In many cases, lower back pain can be also be caused by improper lifting. The pain management doctors at Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando can offer many different remedies including back pain relief exercises, among other methods.

What Causes Discogenic Pain?

One of the most common types of pain is caused by disc degeneration. Typically the cause of discogenic pain is related to age and wear on the spine itself. Suffering from this condition can radiate from the lower back to the legs, in some cases. Activities like exercise or heavy lifting can aggravate this condition.

Back Pain Relief Exercises

If you are suffering from discogenic pain, our pain management doctors can offer up helpful exercises to help relieve that pain. Stretching in conjunction with exercise and physical therapy could have you feeling better in no time. It is important to stress that you should ask your doctor before trying any stretches or exercises on your own; in some cases, it might be helpful to see the correct way to do them as well. If a stretch or exercise is done incorrectly, it could cause more problems for your spine or other areas of your body in the long run. For example, one recommended stretch for overall spine health is called a bridge- you lay on your back and raise your hips off the floor supported by your knees. If you suffer from knee problems as well as lower back pain, this may cause more harm than good. Other stretches like the lower trunk rotation can help relieve pain and increase your flexibility. Another common stretch for discogenic pain is called the knee to chest. This stretch allows you to relieve pain by releasing the built-up tension in the nerves in your lower back. Other possible stretches your doctor may recommend could include the pelvic tilt or the hamstring stretch. Again, these exercises are generally prescribed on the basis of physical ability and range of motion as well as any other potential physical inhibitions.

Other Helpful Tips to Relieve Pain

There are other solutions to help relieve the pain of disc degeneration. Your doctor may suggest avoiding strenuous activities like vigorous exercise or heavy lifting. Resting if you are in pain is extremely important and using heat or ice in conjunction with painkillers can offer some relief as well. There are other remedies like stronger medications or even surgeries which may also help. By gauging your situation and physical condition, your doctor can come up with a treatment plan that first your needs perfectly.

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