Posture And Its Role In Shoulder Pain

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Shoulder pain is nothing to joke about. But did you know that the cause for it may be your fault? How so? This is typically due to poor posture. The primary source behind all this pain is called shoulder impingement. Here at Innovative Pain Solutions, we are here to show you how posture can result in shoulder-related pain. Located in Dr. Phillips, we are the experts in a wide spectrum of pain conditions. We are the best pain management doctors. Contact us today!


What is Shoulder Impingement?

This condition is when the rotator cuff tendons press on the coracoacromial arch of the shoulder. This results in pain whenever an individual makes reaching movements, lies on the involved side, and participates in changes in motion of the shoulder.


Some compression of this joint is good and normal, however, these forces are causing too much contact during should motions. Common causes of this impingement include:

  • Repetitive overhead movement
  • Compression to the shoulder with a fall or other trauma
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Weakness
  • Poor posture

It is responsible to keep in mind that there are many different causes and types of impingement. Getting an evaluation to determine the cause is key. That is where pain management doctors come into play.


Better Posture Makes For No Shoulder Pain

Changes in posture also can change the way we move and use our body. Whether it is good or bad, posture impacts:

  • How efficient the muscles of the shoulder are
  • How well the muscles work together
  • Space available at the shoulder for movement
  • Positioning of the shoulder blade
  • Positioning of the arm as it raises

If you are still skeptical about whether your posture affects your posture, try this experiment. Sit in a chair slumped down, sinking into the seat. Now try to raise your arm as high as you can. Do you feel tightness or pinching when you try this? Now, try sitting straight with good posture. Try the same motion as before. Feel the difference? Did your pain change?


Time To Improve Your Posture

There are simple things you can do to change your posture and ensure your shoulder related pain is minimal. Try rolling your shoulders up and back, then letting them relax down. Also, tuck your chin down lightly and sit up from your hips. Sometimes even standing against a wall and making contact with your hips, upper back, and head can help gain this position. Make sure you keep your shoulder blades down and back to the pinch the shoulders together lightly.


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We genuinely want to make sure you have no shoulder pain. We can help you rid your poor posture and get you on your way to no pain. Changing posture frequently and having a greater awareness of positioning are vital to changing your habits. If you’re having difficulties with proper posture, you may want to consider getting professional help to gain motion, strength, and knowledge to change your habits. Innovative Pain Solutions are pain management doctors who know what they are doing. We strive to provide service with excellence. Contact us today for more information.

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