What Happens To Stem Cells As We Age?

Aging Stem Cells in Orlando

The human body is composed of body tissue, classified into four categories: muscle, epithelial, connective and nervous. Skeletal muscle tissue is composed of cells (fibers) grouped together to contract and force movement. As people grow older the replacement doesn’t take place by replication or duplication; instead it requires the assistance of a unique body of stem cells. At our Dr. Phillips clinic, a broad group of pain management doctors specialize in aging stem cells. Our team’s main goal is to show the effectiveness of stem cells, and continue to be a valued resource where people can learn, and explore the option of stem cell therapy Orlando locals trust.


What are Stem Cells?


Stem cells are a very particular type of cell, characterized by not having any specific structure, job, or function in the body. This asset is an essential key factor, as it grants the potential for them to become other cells present in the body.


Stem cells have the faculty to replace other cells when they die. This property hasn’t been overlooked by researcher scientists, continuing to study the prospect to restore body parts on the verge of collapsing, due to injury or disease, by rebuilding the damaged tissue using stem cells.


There are three different types of stem cells:


  • Embryonic, come from human embryos, aged between three to five days. They are fertilized in vitro, and have a pluripotent faculty and can be grown into any body tissue.


  • Tissue-specific (adult), dedicated to replacing dying cells in specific organs.


  • Induced pluripotent, scientist-created cells developed to act like embryonic stem cells and become any body cell.


  • Mesenchymal, also known as MSC, is a type cell isolated from the connective tissue between organs and other tissues (stroma).


What Happens to Aging Stem Cells?


Stem cells are not the exception to aging; as adult stem cells mature, and time progresses, a decline of body functions occurs due to the loss of regenerative properties at the aging stage.


Beyond the natural aging process stem cells go through, the decay stage is also affected by the surrounding local and systemic microenvironment.


The deterioration of the regenerative process occurring in aging stem cells leads to significant health predicaments, loss of muscle coordination, and overall body decline, for instance. 


Among other sources, these conditions are instigated by the DNA-damage produced by chemical exposure, taking place in aging cells, otherwise avoided if the regenerative process wasn’t compromised.


How Do You Revitalize Stem Cells?


In Dr. Phillips, stem cell therapy Orlando professionals conduct regenerative medicine treatment developed to recruit and transplant fresh adult stem cells into the patient’s critical soring area.


The revitalization of adult stem cells helps to:


  • Prevent DNA damage.
  • Disrupt cellular senescence (loss of ability to multiply and divide).
  • Restore mitochondrial functions.
  •  Reduce pain, and allow the patient to regain normal movement.


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