Can PRP Therapy Help With my Herniated Disc?

PRP for herniated disc at Orlando

Have you heard of using PRP for herniated disc injuries? If not, Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando could teach you a few things about this new treatment. Any type of back pain can be crippling, and a herniated disc is no different that is why it’s important to understand all of your treatment options including this new PRP therapy. Keep reading to learn more information about this innovative medicine. It is time to consider PRP Orlando!


What Exactly Is PRP For Herniated Disc?

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy or PRP is one of the most exciting forms of regenerative medicine available today. This technique is used to treat a variety of soft tissue injuries including herniated discs. The reason that PRP injections have become increasingly popular among patients is that it provides an alternative to surgery and the recovery time that is involved while getting the same level of results. Like any other treatment, there are things to consider and understand before deciding if it is the right one for you!


Living with pain is debilitating no matter what your age is. PRP therapy is an option for patients of any age or activity level. So if you are a youth, amateur, or professional athlete or someone who has just lived with chronic pain your entire life this treatment is something for you to consider. In addition to being an option for a variety of patients, it can also be used to treat injuries other than a herniated disc. If you are experiencing chronic lower back pain, tennis elbow, spinal stenosis, rotator cuff tears, knee osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, neck pain, tendon problems, or injuries to your ligaments and muscles PRP therapy can help you begin to live a pain-free life.


Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is an all natural method for healing damaged joints and soft tissue in the body. This effective and safe treatment is an alternative to surgery and can help alleviate chronic pain. During the therapy session, a small sample of your own blood is drawn and spun in order to concentrate the platelets found in the sample. After this process is completed a number of injections are given in the injured area. During this treatment, your own blood is what’s helping your body heal. This innovative technique has been used for over twenty years in a number of different medical fields. It has been used to help with bone grafting, to speed up the healing of wounds, and to reduce the risk of infections. This treatment continues to be researched and studied in order to improve the technique that is used. One of the main goals of PRP therapy is to enhance the body’s ability to heal itself since a patient’s own blood is used to repair the soft tissue injuries and damage. It’s time to learn more about PRP Orlando!


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Innovative Pain Solutions in Orlando provides the PRP Orlando locals trust the most. We pride ourselves on offering the treatments that can help our patients find lower back pain relief including PRP for herniated disc. If you’re in the area and looking for a doctor, who is up to date on all the research and technology that surrounds stem cell research and therapy call or visit today to learn how we can help cure your chronic pain.

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