What is stem cell therapy? What makes stem cell therapy promising?

Stem cell therapy is one of the most advanced pain management therapies. Its benefits are wide-ranging as it is considered a promising solution to several conditions and diseases, especially where regenerative treatment is needed. If you or someone you love are suffering from chronic pain and looking for an effective pain management strategy, you must get familiar with stem cell therapy, why it is used, and how long its results last.

What does stem cell therapy mean?                                                                                            

Stem cell therapy is a modern and highly advanced regenerative medical treatment that involves the use of a unique biological component called stem cells to manage severe pain and cure a variety of health conditions and diseases.

New studies and research are being done continually that reveal the effectiveness of this therapy and the potential for the treatment of various health conditions. For now, the most common areas where stem cell therapy is being used include pain management, chronic musculoskeletal injuries, and some heart and lung diseases.

Why is stem cell therapy being used for treating and curing severe diseases?

Every human has tissue-specific or somatic stem cells that exist in their entire body throughout their lifetime right from the time an embryo develops. Stem cells are naturally occurring and, like other cells, these cells also divide and replicate to form new organs and tissues but only until we are born.

Once we are born, most cells can create copies of only themselves. Meaning, your hair cells cannot create lung cells, and vice-versa. Other cells, such as the ones that form heart muscle, are formed only during birth and then never replicate again.

Therefore, cardiac diseases are considered severe because no new cells are developed to recover from the damaged or dead cells. Fortunately, stem cell therapy has the potential to make this possible. It may help such cells regenerate or improve their functioning.

Unlike after-birth cells in our body, stem cells have the capability of becoming any cell in the body. When a baby develops inside the womb, stem cells first become numerous and then get divided to form other types of cells. Stem cells grow to become brain cells, cardiac cells, skin cells, and whatever a baby needs to have a fully functioning and properly shaped body.

Since stem cells don’t form after birth, these cells are harvested to replenish the parts and joints that have been affected by a disease or condition.

How long do the results of stem cell therapy last?

After completion of stem cell therapy, stem cells injected into your body will function to create new, healthy cells in the targeted area for around a year. However, you will start experiencing its effects within a few weeks of the treatment. Thereafter, you can consult your doctor and continue your medications and therapies as advised.

Due to the potential of regeneration and recovery of body organs and tissues that were once impossible to regenerate, stem cell therapy is recommended as an effective treatment for curing the degeneration of the elbow, knee, hip, and spine and treating chronic pain. Besides, it can help treat COPD, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and even hair loss.

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