How To See a Pain Management Doctor & What to Expect

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Many people all across America suffer from chronic and debilitating pain. Such pain can severely impact your quality of life and cause you to withdraw from the activities that you may have enjoyed so well prior to the onset of such pain. This is why many people seek help from a pain management physician in order to take control of their pain and ease the symptoms of their chronic condition. A pain management specialist is a physician or specialist who is trained specially in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of all different sorts of pain. Pain is not a simple condition, but actually encompasses a broad spectrum of disorders including acute pain, chronic pain, cancer pain, and sometimes a combination of such conditions. Pain can also arise due to many different sources such as surgery, injury, nerve damage, and metabolic problems such as diabetes. Occasionally, pain can even be the problem all on its own, without any clear-cut cause at all. Read on to learn more about what to expect from pain management doctors to help your pain. Innovative Pain Solutions in Dr. Phillips is a top pain management center. Call Innovative Pain Solutions today for your pain management consultation.


Being Referred To a Pain Management Specialist


One frequently asked question that we get at Innovative Pain Solutions is how a patient may be able to be referred to a pain management specialist. The best way to be referred to a pain management specialist is through the patient’s primary care physicians. The majority of pain management doctors work closely with their patients’ primary care physicians in order to make sure that they have good communication, which in turn assists in providing the optimum treatment plan for their patients. Our patients are also often referred to us by specialists who deal with different types  of pain problems, such as by back surgeons, neurologists, cancer doctors, and other specialists who work regularly with a pain physician. 


What To Expect From a Pain Management Physician


If it is your first visit to a pain management specialist, then the specialist will first get to know you and then start to evaluate your particular pain problem. This will generally involve a detailed history, a physical exam, and review of tests that you have had performed in the past. The questions that  you are asked and the physical examination will hone in on your specific problem, but your pain physician will also want to know more about your past and current medical history as well. You will also probably be given a questionnaire to answer before your first visit that will ask in-depth questions about your pain problem, and you will probably be asked to bring any imaging studies (such as X-rays, computed tomography, or MRI scans) or other tests that have already been done. You should also know prior to your first visit whether or  not a procedure is going to happen. If there will be one, then you probably need a driver to take you home.


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There are certain things that your pain management physician will take into account when analyzing your case. Innovative Pain Solutions provide top pain management doctors in Dr. Phillips. Call Innovative Pain Solutions today to make an appointment. 


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