An Interesting New Concept for Arthritis Treatment

Nitric oxide injection in Orlando

Medicine continues to make excellent progress with innovative new ways to treat diseases formerly condemned to placebo therapies, aimed to provide comfort and reduce pain, without mending the root source of the aching. Orlando Pain Solutions is one of the clinics performing interesting studies to manage inflammatory conditions of the joints, such as arthritis, with a novel treatment based on nitric oxide injection. The procedures are performed with the assistance of highly qualified pain management doctors, enlisted to:


  • Accompany you in every step of the treatment process
  • Keep a balanced control of your case
  • Register and monitor your progress, with the highest of professional standards.


It’s the goal of the pain management doctors to serve you with an accurate diagnosis, combined with the right therapeutic response necessary to overcome the challenges of arthritis.


What is Nitric Oxide, and How Does it Affect the Body System?

Nitric oxide (NO) is a molecule synthesized by cells in our human body. It’s recognized (mostly) as a vasodilator associated with blood vessel health, and for taking part in the regulation of physiological conditions of T cell functions.


An adequate NO presence is capable of boosting the health and performance of the human body system, offering relaxation of blood vessels, consequently adjusting blood flow and blood pressure, and decreasing muscle inflammation and soreness, subsequently enhancing the practice of physical activities, including exercising.


In spite of the many health benefits, NO is capable of providing for multiple body functions, it’s also been determined the presence of excess quantities lead to dysfunctions.


NO excess is linked to rheumatoid arthritis, and other diseases of inflammatory nature, like systemic lupus erythematosus and Crohn’s disease.


In some cases, NO manages to inhibit the response of the immune system.


How is Nitric Oxide Injection Capable of Aiding Arthritis? 

Medical scientists from the University of Science and Technology of South Korea have developed a hydrogel substance described as a NO-scavenger. The gel, of polymeric origins, is specifically designed to consume the excess of NO found in the system, counteracting by default the adverse side effects it produces (arthritis).   


Always count on our pain management doctors to provide a meaningful and insightful explanation about the action and benefits the injection has on patients who have arthritis. As well, as additional questions, you may have on the subject.     


It’s Worth Taking a Chance to Feel Better

Medical results have shown how the NO-scavenger hydrogel can decrease excess of NO without side effects and disruption of other molecules.


Taking a chance in this invigorating treatment is the right path to achieve calmness and challenge the muscular pain generated by arthritis. Enhancing your quality of life is worth it.  


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At Orlando Pain Solutions, we specialize in bringing innovative treatments, personally tailored, to relieve distress and encourage you to live a fulfilled pain-free life. Our nitric oxide injection therapy will show you how arthritis can be restrained. Call us or visit us, and schedule your appointment. It will be our pleasure to assist you.

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